Antibiotic Damage/UFO Story Response Similar.

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    The following is a complaint rant...not an encouraging sharing medical help post. Please, do not read this if you are in need of the latter.

    As much as I feel my message here is an absolutely valid, worthy and neccessary one to post, I sincerely want us ALL to feel and get better. Only read this is you feel you have been damaged by being prescribed one of the broad spectrum antibiotics like Levaquin, Cipro etc.

    In my experience, and I'm suspecting in many others as well, the powerful broad spectrum antibiotic use-causing more physical damage link story is like the UFO one in regards to the response you get to those you report it to.

    You have the strongest feeling much of what we are hearing about these powerful antibiotics is true yet, when you suggest the possibility to your doctors that because you were indeed prescribed one of these super powerful antibiotics right before your unprecedented multi-symptom physical collapse, and that maybe this had something to do with your new torturous life altering condition ... almost everyone of these doctors either clams up or adamantly denies this could be the case.

    And in too many cases they even get angry if you don't let this subject go and in extreme cases...they start suggesting you have psychiatric needs. What I call the Psych-Gulag threat diagnosis to really scare you into shutting up about your crazy antibiotic theories.

    I equate this to claiming you have been abducted by aliens. Incredibly, again in far too many cases, you can get the same response and treatment with that assertion as you do with this antibiotic one.

    And if you write your representatives in county, state and federal government over-sight positions about these same concerns regarding these powerful antibiotics, you usually get the same response that you would expect if you wrote to them saying you felt you may have been abducted by aliens and you want to know if they know anything about this phenomena.

    Almost always...complete silence.

    Personally, I have written several times to our county medical society about my concerns, our state health department and medical over-sight people and even my federal representatives. Only one got back to me. Barbara Boxer. I have written the manufacturers of these antibiotics, I have written to health column writers across the country and I have written to our own FDA. Never a response.

    And I have read many times on antibiotic damage reporting boards that the same thing happens to others who are writing to their reps and other people in influential positions about this. No response.

    I know this analogy sounds extreme...but tragically too often it's true!

    This same lack of response to these two subjects should "never" happen. One is a more and more reported down-to-earth possibilty ... and one is so beyond our comprehension that of course you can't respond to it.

    Because of this, our elected officials should be giving their constituents who contact them regarding their concerns about these antibiotics much more respect than alien abductions reportees.

    Especially considering the already widespread and apparently growing testimonial evidence suggesting these powerful antibiotics are doing more damage than is being officially reported.

    This irresponsible lack of acknowledgement and investigation on this growing body of complaints is so illogical now that a logical and reasonable person is forced to suspect that conflicts of interests regarding money, political influence and drug company corporate profit might be one of the reasons for this.

    And continued denial and lack of response and action regarding the broad spectrum antibiotic controversy by our elected officials will just continue to feed this sad state of suspicion and mistrust.

    I believe too powerful antibiotic damage and over-use will be one of the biggest scandals in our history once the truth finally breaks through.

    Eventually, hopefully, enough motivated and respected researchers will build enough of a case verifying what so many of are already suspecting about these overly powerful and overly prescribed antibiotics...that the weight of their research will finally break the self-interested camels back denial of all of this.

    And hopefully stories of years of torture of thousands of antibiotic damaged victims will finally get the publicity they deserve. More so than on this board and a few other obscure internet sites.

    A nightmare made even worse by the kinds of denials and dismissals given alien abduction claimants.

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