Antibiotics and Pain Reduction

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amteser, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Six years ago I was on antibiotics for pneumonia. One year ago I was on antibiotics for a skin infection. Two months ago I was on antibiotics for UTI. Every time I was on antibiotics (different ones each time) I had no pain in my muscles. Can anyone explain this? Has anyone had a similiar experience?
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    I do not understand it. When I was on AB's for a satff infection (IV's) - after a week, I did feel great - but maybe that was comparetivly (sp) speaking.

    Doc just put me on some more for an infection - I hope I get the same results. Just my 2 cents - I know that does not answer your question though.
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    amster -
    Do you know if they contained magnesium? Mg is a muscle relaxant... You could try taking some Magnesium Citrate to see if that gives you relief too. Spirulina is a great superfood that contains Mg.

    jolie -
    my daughter had mycoplasma - I gave her one of the best natural antibiotics ever "Olive Leaf Extract" which killed it off no probs - kills off just about anything...
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    Hi jolie,

    She took one capsule 3 times a day sometimes 2 if she forgot at lunchtime. In total it was for about 6 weeks by which time there was a distinct improvement in her energy levels.

    OLE is best taken on an empty stomach (as with all antibiotics to allow it to reach the bloodstream) OLE is very powerful and can make you feel worse for a few days due to the die-off of bacteria.

    It would really be best to start with one a day in the morning for a few days and gradually build up in 3 day segments, This way doesn`t overload your system, you also need to drink plenty of water (2 ltrs a day ) to help flush the system.

    What I love about OLE is it doesn`t kill off the good bacteria in the gut as prescription antibiotics do either...

    Hope this helps you

    love Pat.
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