antibiotics vs antiviral medication?

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  1. VickyB

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    I was taking Amantadine (antiviral medication)prescribed to me by my doctor in Texas, when I moved here to Washington my new doctor took me off of it and I have felt worse ever since. Since my fms started with shingles(chicken pox virus revisited) Could this have been helping me? Does anyone have any ideas? I do not want to approach my doctor if it is just another one of my silly theories.
    Thanks, Vicky
  2. VickyB

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    The last place we lived in Texas, we were only there 2 years and I could not leave the house because of fatigue and pain. We lived in a very small town and I went to the small town doctor who already had heard the rumors that I was agorphobic (according to neighbors). He convinced me that I needed Zyprexa (which really made me crazier), then put me on Amantadine for side effects from Zyprexa. He never ran any tests (AT ALL) even at physicals the whole time I went to him. I was too exhausted and sick to stand up for myself. Anyway the reason that I was on Amantadine had nothing to do with my illness but I had tried to get off of the Amantadine several times and could not because I felt so bad even when I tried to taper it. Since reading the posts here on antibiotics, I just wander if antivirals would do the same thing as antivirals for people whose fms started with a virus. Since going off the Amantadine, I am not as clear headed, feel more exhausted, yesterday I lost my way home and nothing looked familar, I get more confused and spacier, can't sleep as well. I know you will probably say it has nothing to do with the medicine but just thought I would run it by everyone. Also I stopped the Zyprexa about 6 months before I tried to get off of Amantadine.
    Thanks, Vicky
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    If you are interested in trying natural ways to kill viruses, you might try adding a heaping tablespoon of raw, chopped garlic to your daily supplements. Wash it down with lots of water so it doesn't burn your tummy. It kills just about everything.
    Also, olive leaf extract is a good virus killer. You can get it at any health food store.
    Medicine probably knows less about viruses than just about any other subject, so we are all just guessing and trying out things when it comes to treating them.
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    Experts do not yet know whether infections can cause or just trigger our illnesses or whether they are infections of opportunity in damaged immune systems. One thing they do know is that both viruses and bacteria can go stealth in the body and result in chronic infections. Antiviral meds CAN make one feel worse before feeling better because of the Herx Effect, just like with the antibiotics.

    Whether one needs antibiotics or antiviral meds, or both, will depend on whether one has a chronic infection and what kind of infection is making one ill.

    There are alternative methods of dealing with chronic infections including eating onions and garlic, using colloidal silver, using a zapper, and taking various herbal supplements which are antiviral and antibiotic.

    One thing often overlooked is the strengthening of the immune system while treating for infections.

    Love, Mikie
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    The natural remedy that you suggested sounds almost as much fun as other things I have tried with not help: Liquid amino acids (nasty), juicing green vegetables (nasty), and lots more but brain fog won't let me remember. But even though I will try what you suggested because I am always looking for hope.
    Thanks, Vicky
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    I promise you that olive leaf extract does not taste bad. I took it in capsule form, so it had no taste at all.I happen to LOVE garlic, and for some reason, I do not get bad breath from it.....I make my hubby check me for it, and he swears I'm OK. If it does bother your breath, you can always chew a sprig of parsley or a few fennel seeds and that will fix it. The garlic also helps kill yeasts.
    Mikie is right that boosting your immunity will help also.
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    Vicky-I am 15 years old, and I got shingles two years ago. I have cfs and fms and its possible that it all started with the shingles. The only reason Im telling you this, is that we might have similar cases. I also have a lot of neck pain, swollen lymphnodes, brain fog, tons of fatigue (obviouslly) and I also have nuerally mediated hypotension.
    thanks for listening, laura