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    Hi guys, was going backwards abit of late. My last blood test showed my neutrophils were low, which can make us prone to other infections. My doc had me on a herbal mixture to strengthen my immune sytem but i havent had much of an effect from it, maybe its better as a preventative. Just general fluy type symptoms, chronic headache, nausea sweats etc. I have some azithromycin and doxycycline on hand which i ordered over the net and was going to wait for my next blood test results then talk to doc about the abx but as i have been feeling extra crappy i started the azithro and after 2 doses i feel alot better.

    The thing about these other infections is its hard to tell if its a new infection or cfs playing up again, working as a paramedic i come accross every dam infection under the sun. Frustrating when i have been doing really well on the antivirals/famvir, anyway i think i have found my problem and got it treated. I have my own personal doctor-me! I think we all have to be our own personal docs, i think people with cfs are more aware of their bodies then most people, which gives us a leg up on ideas on treating our selves, plus most of us are well educating after having this disease for awhile and doing alot of research to try and help our selves.

    Thanks for listening/reading my venting, lol
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    im glad you can read the humor in my posts. I have been tested for mycoplasma , rickettsia (which off the top of my head is a tic/lyme infection) and a few other things in the past which shows up negative, only tested positive for cmv, ebv and chicken pox kicked the whole cfs off. My immune system checks which always show up abnormalities eg lymphocytes and neutrophils.

    Have had a few courses of doxy in the past that have helped somewhat as well as a 6 month course which didnt give lasting improvement. I wonder if some bacterial infections are opportunistic, immune system down from the ebv then get hit with another bug.

    Like you say a trial of abx is worth a shot as alot of testing for bacterial infections can be quite sensitive with false positives and negatives. I chose azithro (doxy another choose ) as the are bacteriostatic and are said to be effective against some of these hard to find bugs which lack cell walls.

    Thanks for the reply empty2void
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    hey i am experimenting with artesunate and valtrex for first time sigificantly in like 20 yr hx of probs.

    curious--where can u get doxy online and trust that its real and safe? wouldnt mind trying as felt good the day i took it before dentist.

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    I get some meds from, which is doxy, azithro, acyclovir, atarax and trazodone. Trazodone and atarax i cant get in australia, the others are cheaper or just as cheap from normal pharmacy's here. Some meds though are way over priced too, are real mixed bag as far as price is. But i have found them reliable and take about 2 weeks for delivery. They start with a questionaire and apparently is looked over by a doc before order is confirmed. I wouldnt order anything with potential abuse( not that they sell much that would, eg tramal) incase customs have a look. I have had some orders opened by customs and let through ok, think your allowed to order 3 months worth without any dramas from customs.
    Just an example azithro 250mgx 30 is $56, in australia it is around $30 for 2-3 tabs, thats a big profit margine.

    good luck, keep us informed on how you go.
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    thx for info!