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    i read that over use of antibiotics can be an impt influence on the triggering of Candida, Fibro, CFS and even activating why is MAJOR LONG TERM ANTIBIOTICS used to treat Lyme then? Doesnt make sense..wouldnt that just feed it even more?
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    abx don't feed anything, at least yet.

    What abx do is kill the 'good bacteria' in the gut, thus allowing candida to get the upper hand. In between doses of abx, one should take probiotics ('good bacteria') to replace it, constantly.

    As you know probably, Lyme is caused by a spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi. Worsening of symptoms after beginning abx is known as 'herxing', 'herxheimer reaction', or offically as 'Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction'. It was first seen when they gave penicillin to the spirochete known as syphilis.

    It's due to the killing of the spirochetes and the release of endotoxins, causing a flare of symptoms.

    It's sad that getting better means initially feeling worse, but it does. Just as it happened with those that had had syphilis for a while.

    And it can take a while to kill all of it as long term means it's had a chance to hide out in one of its forms - iit can get nside cells (even the white blood cells) & including tissue cells, in between cells, and forms cysts which contain immature spirochetes.

    Often chronic Lyme pts will finally get a positive on the Western Blot AFTER being treated for a while as it is felt that Bb/Lyme will immediately morph into one of its other forms in order to avoid the body's defenses. Rule of thumb is generally that the longer you've had it, the longer it takes to get better.

    Also different abx work for different strains - there are over 100 different ones in US alone... so the old standby, doxycycline may not work. And flagyl is needed to kill the cyst form.

    Hope this helps. Another educational site, lots of informative research papers and links, is It will pay to read as much as you can about it, truly.

    Hope this helps... browse thru some of the old posts here, lots of good info too!

    all the best,

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    to take probiotics ('Good Bacteria') while taking doxy. I was just dx's Thursday for Lyme at FFC Clinic in Dallas. Also taking Valtrex and I believe he mentioned Flagyl to start later down the treatment....does this sound right?
    Thank You for any info you can give me.
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    probiotics should be taken midway between doses of abx, it helps to keep the good bacteria at least semi-established... and if you take any 'rests' from abx, make sure you take a lot of probiotics.

    From what I've read and my son's treatment, because there are over 100 strains of Lyme in US, usually several types of abx are tried to see what kind of response you get... not every abx works for every strain so doxy won't necessarily work for whichever one you have... the flagyl should be added in regularly to take care of the cyst form as it has the immature 'baby' spirochetes.

    Hope this helps... do so research and read, read, read, as much as you can... there's a lot of info here, and also at


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    for your reply. Also My doctor started me on 2 Caps of Doxy twice a this normal? Too me that seems a high dose does it to you? And maybe I am in a fog and did not really understand your reply to my last post above. So you advise to keep taking all thru my antibiotic therapy the probotics.....Right? Again Thank You for your help. This is so scary.
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    400mg of doxy a day is a common doseage for lyme treatment. If you are herxing too bad on it then cut doseage in 1/2. Anytime you feel your are taking a higher dose then your body can tolerate start backing off the dose or pulse it every other day.
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    I have so much to learn here.