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    Hi all

    I know this is a fibro forum. I have posted here before.

    Now I have a lupus question. I know there are some who have lupus and fibro, so I thought I would try my luck here.

    I went to the doctor yesterday for the problems with my shortness of breath and fatigue. I also found out the results of the tests taken by the immunologist. Turns out that I tested positive for the Anticardiolipin antibody. It says here that the result is 49.

    I also had a rheumatoid factor last month of 45.

    I still have to go see the immunologist to interpret the results.

    Does anyone know anything that could help me hear. I have gone online and checked what it means, but what does it mean to me? Will this help me in my search for a diagnosis? Does anyone here have experience with this?

    I would appreciate any help you could offer.

    Onward in my Quest
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    low dose naltrexone will stop your lupus. chck it out...