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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherrieTeacup, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. SherrieTeacup

    SherrieTeacup New Member

    I would like to know if anyone takes Antidepressent and Anxiety meds together and if so what are they. And do you take pain meds with those to. I am having trouble with antidepressent and pain meds but i need them both. I am trying to get a list so i can ask my doctor i see tomorrow.
  2. SherrieTeacup

    SherrieTeacup New Member

    What anti depressant do you take
  3. Larac.

    Larac. New Member

    I have had fms for 4 years---I have been on so many different meds--I worked in pharmacy for 20 years, I am 38 yrs. old, I have 18 yr old daughter..

    I am taking effexor xr 150mg 2 times a day, which has been great---I take adderal xr 30mg, it is a stimulant to help me stay awake during the day, it has been 2 months with this made and it has help alot.

    I have horrible headpain, which I take Imitrex 100mg---which is now generic, but not cheaper---I am allowed 12 tablets a month,,,,I take midrin, and save Imitrex when the pain in my head is so bad I am at my wits end...

    I take xanax 1 mg for sleep but I take 3 of them, and I have discussed with dr---we are looking into Xyrem---but my sleep sucks---

    I get nerve blocks in my neck and shoulders to help with pain---This last needle on nov 21st has been a great relief for the last 3 days---

    I also have flexeril and zanaflex 4mg for muscle relaxers---put I fell they do not work---

    Please reply if I can be more of a help--Larac,,,,
  4. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    I take 10 mgs of Lexapro mostly for anxiety. It really helps me! I have Xanax but only use it if I have a panic attack. I use vicoden for my pain. I still work, so I have pretty tough days sometimes. I also use Flexiri for muscle aches (and my face aches). I only take 5mg of that during the day. I take 15mg every night. It makes me sleep much, much better! I also take 5 mg of Ambian if I need it.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your appt tomorrow.

  5. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Yes, I take 150mg Effexor in the morning and 0.5 to 1 mg of ativan at night to help me sleep. (I don't sleep great, but it's better than nothing)

    I've been on this regimen for a few years. Sometimes, if I am wonky or nauseous in the day, I'll take another 0.5 mg of ativan (lorazepam).

    Good Luck

    Sue in ONtario
  6. star273

    star273 New Member

    Sounds like me... I need them both. I take Celexa which is a great anti depressent and has less side effects then most. I have tried many others and I absolutely love this one. If you are interested in it do a search, you may find it is one of the best. I also take xanax once a day for sure, more if the anxiety is bad or my pain is bad. For some reason as I have stated on here before, Xanax helps so much with my pain. I started it though because I had severe anxiety.
    I hope this helps.
    Good Luck :)

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