Antidepressant, headache & light sensitivety?

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    I'm new to the boards but I have a question (sorry so long). I have a friend who recently found out she had FMS. She came to me asking what I use for pain and fatigue. I suggested 5 HTP (I use FM relief). I have used that for the last few years and have had great results from it. After using it for a couple of week's she came up and asked me if it was an antidepressant. I told her it worker simular to some antidepressant in that it increased your seritonen (sp?) naturally but unlike antidepressant's it replenshied your supply rather than just boost it. She told me she had been on Prozac for about a year and then they took her off of it because she devoloped a sensitivey to lights, it caused her eye's to dialate and she got severe headaches. She said she noticed since taking the 5 HTP the heahaches and light sensitivety came back. So she stopped for a couple of day's but the headache didn't really stop. She never got the dialation with it. So I guess my question is does anyone else have this problem and if so how have you dealt with it? She does not have insurance so everything she uses is either OTC or from the health store. There is a history of MS in her family, including her mother. She has had an MRI and all test came up clean. Any thought's would help.
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    I am not sure if it is the antidrepressents, but I do have a light sensitivey. I also get headache but that is normally my job. I work on computers every day for the whole day. It could be that it is a side effect for some people. I do remember reading that some drugs have light sensitivey as a side effect.
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    Not sure about the antidepressants. Many of us suffer and have suffered from sensory overload long before taking any meds. I became sensitive to light last summer - could not even stand lights in my house (wore sunglasses inside).
    Sensory overload for me comes in spurts - lights, smells, tastes, especially sound. I too had a cerebral MRI - completely normal.