Antidepressant help? for madwolf or med people

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shazz, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. shazz

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    I think the time has come, for me to admit that I need to go back on AD's.
    Is there one that seems to help for fibro more than the others? Maybe something that would knock out other symptoms besides the unrelenting depression I have been going through?
    Also, a very major concern is I need something weight neutral.
    Your thoughts and opinions are, as always, much valued.


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    EZBRUZR New Member

    It can be VERY helpful in answering your questions! 09/08/03 10:29 AM

    Here's an example: Someone with FMS has just found out she has a Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP), as most of us do, and does not want to take beta-blockers as her doctor has suggested; a very wise decision, since they lower metabolism, among other things. She has posted, asking about natural alternatives.
    One of the best supplements for an MVP is COQ10 but only if you are over age 30. People under 30 should not be given COQ10. BTW, the same holds true for DHEA or human growth hormone, maybe even moreso! I click on her name to see her profile so I know if I should suggest COQ10, and it is empty. This means I have to ask her how old she is, and check back later to see if she replies,then reply to her again based on her answers about her age, etc. I can skip all that and just include a warning about not taking it if you are under 30, but doing that again and again means a lot more typing for me, and hey, I hurt too!
    The profiles really help a lot. Sometimes the backgrounds given there explains the context of a post in a way that nothing else could, short of a face to face meeting or a long history of knowing that person.
    I urge everyone to fill out your profile. If something is especially sensitive to you, leave that out, but put down enough info to help others help you!
  3. Kim

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    Zoloft is pretty weight neutral. Remeron will make you gain but some doctors are adding Wellbutrin and are having wonderful results.

    One thing I noticed is that it is very individualized. I've known people who gained weight or Serzone and people who have lost weight on it and it had nothing to do with their natural tendency to lose or gain.

    Some recent clinical studies show that they all are about the same in efficacy and it's more about being able to tolerate the side effects.

    I used to be only into natural things, ate all organic food, wouldn't take anything except vitamins. Remeron brought me out of a major depression but I found that regulating the dose has been difficult. I have a friend who has been taking Prozac (yes, they still prescribe it) for two years and it brought her from suicidal to wonderful.

    Work with a good psycopharmacologist who is willing to talk with you and take into consideration your overall health.

    Best wishes,

  4. glk2756

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    Worked this winter with a psychiatrist for depression and fibro with fatigue. She recommended Effexor to energize. Also,new med coming out, duloxetine, I think is supposed to help fibro.