antidepressant that does not cause sweating

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  1. GrannyOf4

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    I am presantly taking Cymbalta and while it has really helped my pain, it has not helped the depression. Today I couldn't go to work and I can't stop crying. Also the sweating is so bad that I'm embarassed. My hair and my clothes look like I've just stepped out of the shower. Does anyone know if there is an anti-depressant that doesn't make you sweat. About the only one that I haven't tried is Effexor XR. Can someone please tell me about their experiences with this medication. Thanks.
  2. SusanEU

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    I have been on effexor xr for over a year now and it has helped with all of my symptoms (except sleep).

    Pain is less, other than the odd flare, less dizziness, much improved in the anxiety and depression department.

    The side effects were bad the first 2 weeks. I don't have the sweating you describe, but have occasional night sweats (nothing serious).

    Good Luck. I know these drugs work different on each of us.

    Sue in Ontario
  3. GrannyOf4

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    The nurse just called from my doctors office and she wants me to cut back to 60mgs of cymbalta and she's calling me in a prescription for wellbutrin. This is another one I know absolutely nothing about. I didn't tell her but I haven't taken 60mg in quite awhile and I am having some mean withdrawal symptoms. The sweating wouldn't have been quite so bad if my co-workers didn't treat me like I had the black plague. If things don't improve in 4 weeks, thats when I have to go back, then I'll ask her to let me try Effexor. I was taking Lexapro when I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It didn't seem to affect my pain or the panic attacks I was having. Also I gained alot of weight.
  4. Ginner

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    Great infor.

    I have taken Effexor for 7 yrs and I am hot everyday,all the time, no day without it. A big issue for me too.It is so frustrating.

    Thanks for all of your inputs

  5. chartier1946

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    I have been on many differet anti-depressants over the years, and I have had excessive sweating through all of them. I really don't think they are the cause.
    I had the sweating problem, even when I wasn't taking them.
    I hope you can find something that helps.
  6. Sandyz

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    I have been taking cymbalta for two and half years and it really isn`t helping me with anything anymore. I too have a terrible time with sweating, I hate it.

    I recently started having some migraines on top of everything else. My doctor said its time to try something else so I am going back on zoloft. I had no sweating on that and no weight gain. I have been on effexor too and had some sweating with that but it wasn`t bad as the cymbalta.

    I have to say I hated the effexor. I got terrible brain zaps like many people do on it. Plus going off that one was pure hell. I will never take effexor again.

    I am tapering off the cymbalta and I can`t wait to restart the zoloft.

  7. PGWS

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    Hi, I have tried almost all of them including Cymbalta, which worked for about 3 months, then made me so anxiety ridden I was afraid to drive or get on my horse (I gave my horse anxiety).

    Anyway I take Effexor 75am & 75pm (around 3-4) and have found it to help the best so far (although when I am going through one of those periods, I cannot stop the tears). I think most make you sweat, but I don't find this so bad, also are you on Thyroid meds, because that makes you sweat. I am never sure which is making me sweat on the occasional day I am doing something active. I sweat on my face, not so much on my body. Effexor is worth a try.
    I do find with CFS that they all start to wear off after awhile and increasing the dosage does not help.
    That is at least my opinion.
  8. PGWS

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    I took WellButrin, it made me a bit agitated because of the way the norinephrine works in this and did not help much with depression. I hope they are not giving you more than 150, which I believe is the lowest, if I remember properly.

    The good thing about Effexor is that it works on 3 Seritonin, Norinephrin & Dopamine, where the others don't.

    If you do it start with 75am for 1 to 2 weeks them add the 75pm/late afternoon. This is a good Therapeutic dose.

    Also don't let them give you some outrageous dose. Your sweating sounds really bad.

    Yes the withdrawal from Cymbalta is awful, I did it cold turkey wanted to get it over.

    The Lexapro makes you gain weight because this class of antidepressant lowers your T3 (I learned this from my Endocrinologist)
  9. ditzyfitzy

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    I see that this is an old thread---and I would like to re-visit! I read that fibromyalgia can cause excess sweating---just because! Then, add the medications on top of it---and I am REALLY miserable with sweating. I've been on almost all of the antidepressants---and if you want to SWEAT PROFUSELY---Cymbalta and Effexor were the worst for me. Now, I am on only 10mg of Prozac---and I don't THINK that is the culprit. BUT, I am also on Strattera and Adderall for my ADD. Which medication do you think may be causing this?
  10. OMFGthePAIN

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    I personally don't understand why Drs even prescribe ssris for Fibromyalgia, none have ever worked on my Fibro pain. I have had Fibro for 10 years getting worse to the point of being mostly bedridden from the pain level! The only thing that ever took my fibro pain away was what I had been prescribed for migraine headaches. Fiorinal with codiene. it also has a barbituate and tylenol in it. Since being taken off it I cannot function (am in too much pain to cook or even care for myself) I'm so mad/discusted with the medical profession lying and saying narcotic meds don't work for fibromyalgia!!! They took my pain away completely for the whole 6 hours the pill works! I have the severe level 8-10 pain. The cymbalta and lyrica have such bad side effects and don't even take away the pain completely! Look them up under patient reviews and see the difference between those and narcotics. In my opinion the only downside to the narcotics are they are addictive! I took fiorinal w codiene for 25 years and never got addicted because I didn't take it every day! and I never took more than 2 in a day. Now due to a change in prescribing protocols I've been taken off the only thing that gave me any relief from the migraines and as a bonus the fibro. I'm in agony most of the day and am considering getting my legs amputated if it will stop the pain! Shame on you Doctors who won't at least let us try to see if the narcotic pain meds will help. Why not give people a chance and not keep drugs that really work away from those who need it the most due to biases and drug companies mumbo jumbo saying those other things work. Why not listen to the patient- it is after all their body. Would you like to be in broken bone level pain every single day with no relief???
  11. GeminiMoon

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    I just went off Cymbalta and started Effexor. I could no longer afford the Cymbalta on my new insurance. I like the Effexor so far but it does make me sweat a little. I also take Abilify and that has really made a difference in the depression. I think antidepressants just stop working on the depression part of it after a while. Or, maybe Cymbalta is better as a pain reliever than an antidepressant? I also take 1 Trazodone at night for sleep. All in all, this is a good combo for me but we're all different.

    My Immunologist just recommended that I take 1,000 mcg. B12 & 4,000 IU of vitamin D so I have added that also. Magnesium is a miracle for sore muscles, tendons, & pain but start small. I started at 200 mg per day and am up to 400 mg now. That is all my stomach can handle!

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. mrstyedawg

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    I am taking welbutrin xl 150 mg........i don't have the pain so i don't know if it would help.......I do know that one of the side effects of this is weight loss (i consider this a plus). Take it in the morning for energy.
  13. goodbrain

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    have you tried taking cyproheptadine (trade name periactin) at night for the sweating? Efexor causes sweating but mirtazapine (trade name avanza) may not. The latter is not terrific for pain but you could combine it with pregabalin
  14. Kdreese

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    I took Effexor xr for approx 10 years for major depression. Night sweats were the biggest side effect. I was taking 300mg. This drug, along with paxil and zoloft have the worse withdrawal symptoms. I do not have cfs, me, or fibro. I have osteoarthritis in my hands, hips, and severely in my spine. I did notice a decrease in pain when I first started taking it. All of these antidepressants have the "poop out" syndrome. You have to take more over time to get the same effects. There is a danger in taking any antidepressants because they can have a paradoxical affect. You may feel more depressed, lethargic and most important suicidal. My Dr switched me to Cymbalta once. After 2 weeks I went back to effexor because I had intrusive thoughts, like ramming my car into a truck that passed by. Unfortunetley after 10 years of being treated for depression I found out I was misdiagnosed. I have BiPolar. I started Wellbutrin 150 mgs over a year ago. I've had no side effects. I also take a lamictil, a mood stabilizer, seroquel for depression and sleep-which works great, and an anti anxiety med. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS!
    So how does this all tie in?? Most people with a chronic illness have depression. I've talked with my partner, she has CFS, about this for a year and she finally started taking Sam-E, a natural anti depressant that has had good results with many people. I've seen an improvement in her mood when she gets home from work. She doesnt tear up everyday like she used to from being exhausted from work. It took about a month to kick in, which is normal for some anti suppressants, except for the ssri,s that kick in much quicker. I believe it is important for anyone with a chronic illness to also see a psychiatrist- not a regular MD- for their depression. It doesnt matter which came first, the depression or the illness. It needs to be treated because both feed off each other. Treating depression, or any mental illness, is not an exact science so figuring out what meds work for you is hit or miss. Be patient.
    I'm very knowledgeable about all of this, but let me be clear that I am not an expert. There's other important info on how you can help yourself that I'll post another time since this is quite a lengthy post.

  15. Kdreese

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    At 75 you are a true inspiration for me! Due to lack of insurance I didnt see an MD for around 3 years. After blood tests he asked me if I ever get out in the sun. I thought I did. I moved to Arizona 2 years ago and thought I got plenty of sun. But I avoid it because I cant do the heat, except during the winter. He put me on vitamin D3 1000 iu. I havent heard of grape seed extract helping with depression nor do I know of armour.
    Have you heard of anyone that has been diagnosed with fibro but doesnt believe their doctor because they dont have the ongoing pain nor all the tender spots unless the doc presses so hard I think anyone would hurt?? This is my case. My rheumatologist diagnosed me in the 90's but I still dont think I have it. Even my current doctor diagnosed me with it. My pain is from arthritis. It kicks in when I do too much, sometimes the next day after being in the sun and/or change in weather-barometric pressure especially. I told him this. He stilled diagnosed me with it. I do not think I'm in denial at all.
  16. stevejhon210

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    The antidepressant medication which would not cause sweat is Paxil generic and Pristiq. It will also treat your depression successfully.