antidepressants work on lots more than depression.

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  1. landra

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    I often see comments on the board that if a doctor recommends an anti-deprssant, he/she thinks it is just in your head. For some cases, that may be true.
    However, "anti-deprssants" work on the nervous system. Anthing that goes in your nervous system can be affected - anxiety, pain, sleep! So leap to the conclusion that the doctor is brushing you off, based on this at least.
  2. Susan07

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    I was on AD's off and on for years. The last time I got off I found my pain went thru the roof. Got back on them and it stabled it again.

    I'm confused by your last sentence, did you mean to say "the doctor isn't brushing you off"?

    Take care
  3. landra

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    Yes, susan - I meant to say DON'T leap to the conclusion that the doctor is brushing you off!
  4. SusanEU

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    I SO agree!
  5. grace54

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    Some also have an anti-inflamatory effect that helps the pain. It is often the long term use that is harmful though.
  6. ladybugmandy

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    when doctors didn't know what was causing my CFS, one gave me Paxil for a very bad depression/anxiety pahse i was going through. it really helped with the depression but it also helped a little with the brain fog, which is no surprise i guess...depression always makes my fog A LOT worse. unfortunately, it wore off.

    low dose lithium also has an antiviral affect and interestingly, a doctor gave me this for bipolar disorder once and it helped.

    dr. cheney cautions a lot against using antidepressants in CFS. i think he says it accelerates neuron damage for CFS patients, by lowering the threshold at which they fire or something...

  7. homesheba

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    me some cause i feel like i am not' flying all over the place ' when i am stressed.
  8. marti_zavala

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    Hi Landra,
    Good point, but so many times, it is just that. You will know the difference if they don't test you for other pathogens.

    While they may not give you sleep or pain medication until you have tried several AD's, they definitely should do a full testing workup of thyroid, adrenal, virues and bacteria.

    If they don't do this by the third visit, then I would say they are definitely brushing you off.

    Dr. James Baraniuk from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., feels that AD's are not the right brain chemistry for us. He also feels that if you do take them, take very small doses in order to be more effective - for some people, even pediatric doses (liquid).