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    Hello all fibro friends!!
    Just wondering, I've had fibro since 2000. Thank God for this place and for the awareness that is happening today! I hope and pray for miracles for us daily. I couldn't imagine having this DD as many years as some of you have.. (I'm sorry)...but at least there's beginning to be hope!! My question is....
    When I was first diagnosed, I took Elavil and found remarkable relief with it.
    But with that also came an additional 35 lbs.! eventually wore off and dr. wanted me to raise dose. I refused because I heard of the horror stories of people coming off them. So, I gave my body a break for about a half year. Doctor has since put me on Cymbalta((lowest dose)) and I have found NO relief with it. Can anyone tell me of another antidepressant that may work for me without the weight gain? Has anyone ever tried Lexapro?
    Thank you all.....I come here daily still searching for something new. I do take
    MSM but it's only been 2 weeks. I also take the 024 Fibro and it does help a little. The smell is overpowering for first hour but it eventually fades. Thank you all for listening........
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    and did not have bad side effects from it. The only reason I went off was because they switched me to Cymbalta - I can't take this now due to Liver #s. My mom takes Lexapro & so does my Mother-in-law and they also like it.

    Shhh. . .don't tell anyone but my dr just put me on Wellbutrin today because I am thinking about quiting smoking. Don't tell:)

    I did like the Lexapro though! Good luck!

  3. maxsy1221

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    Thank you kelly!!
    You, your mom and gram all suffer from fibro??? What a nightmare....
    Thank you for posting...maybe I'll give it a shot. I'll try almost anything for pain!!! and.....p.s......((((I won't tell!!)))) lol....good luck!!
  4. maxsy1221

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    I'm sorry....((not your gram...your mother-n-law!!)))) tee hee
  5. millennia

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    I took lexapro for a few months. It made me so tired, I slept roughly 18 hours a day. All I did was sleep. I had to go off it when I started school again. But I've always had problems with antidepressants. Elavil has been the only one I can take.
  6. kimfibro

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    i've taken lexapro for months now. it's given me a bit more energy than any other anti-depressant, overall that is. there was one, and i do believe it was wellbutrin, that did not help AND it made me weepy.

    lexapro has been good. however, i've gained a lot of weight in a year's time. i did quit smoking november '04 so i don't know where most of the weight came from precisely.

    do you plan to try lexapro?
  7. browneyelady48

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    I started Lexapro about 6 weeks ago and it has been great for me, I know alot of people on it and it seems to help them too, with no side effects. Brenda
  8. 69mach1

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    i have had the seam experiene as you. elavil made m blow up, and a near dead comatose functioning a bit....cymbalta no pain releif and weight gain, myoclonic jerks, restless legs worsen, sleepy all the time and at times just spinning and can't sleep.

    now i will be starting conerta er, for those of us who are having i high sensitivity to ad's. so it will hopefully give me some more energy and able to focus more...then hopefully get mback into the weight room again and do cardio...

    i had a friend that was on lexapro and she had very little weight gain from it and she does not ever exercise. she never had to exercise to keep her weight now just one of those people who are lucky. i saw her this summer and she said she had gain 8lbs, but you couldn't tell where. she is also almost 41 like myself so some of ti just maybe the getting older tactic. but she said it wasn't helping with her she said she was thinking of getting back on paxil, she gets some sort of constant swoosing sounds in her head with it but helped w/depression and the anxiety. sort of her trade off...

    just trial by error for everyone unfornately, i wishe there was a magic pill that worked the same for everyone...

  9. jfrustrated

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    I was put on antidepressants before I was eventually diagnosed with cfs/fm, finally 8 year age. Tried several, including zoloft, prozac and eventually found that Luvox suited me. Weight gain happened, but not directly associated with Luvox - but who knows?

    Anyhow, Luvox was great until I had to keep increasing the doses to achieve relief from depression and I found that I had become physically addicted to it. Taking over 18 months to get off it is another story.

    Anyhow, to get to the point finally, I am now on SAMe 400 a day. I find it really suits me: it really relieves, but not eliminates, my depression, is gentle on the liver (which is not working well) and also - supposedly - helps with muscle stiffness. Is not addictive and apparently builds up in the system so that you can reduce the dose over time rather than increase it.

    Takes a while to kick in, but it is now my antidpressant of choice. I get it over the web from the US (I'm in Aust.) I have not purchased it from this site, but I think it is available here. Check it out - it has really helped me. Good luck. Being miserable as well as being sick is the pits.
  10. maxsy1221

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    Thank you all soooo very much for replying. Guess I'll have to just try it. As long as I get pain reliefr, even half of a least they are trying to find something to work for is!! Again.....THANK YOU ALL!!
  11. ilovecats94

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    for chronic pain and it has worked for me along with a few other meds. I still get really good relief and don't feel stiff in the morning or drowsy, etc.

    It was the second AD I tried in 1996, and worked great for me. I did get off of it two times, but nothing else helped me as much as prozac and cutting down a lot on physical activities helped me so much too.

  12. PVLady

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    I tried Zoloft recently and liked it, however my stomach was so upset. (I already have problems with GERD and a poor appetite).

    I am going to go back to Sam e. Actually Sam e is sold by prescription in England for depression. Many people feel it really works.

    Year ago I tried Effexor and was like a zombie.
  13. minimonkey

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    This is so interesting -- what works wonders for one person really wreaks havoc with another.

    I've been on and off Paxil for years. Did wonders for depression and anxiety, but didn't touch the pain at all. I haven't had depressive symptoms for many years, but still get panic occasionally.

    I tried Wellbutrin to quit smoking, and that was a nightmare -- I was so jittery and anxious and angry, I had to go off it.

    Now I'm on Effexor, with hopes of pain relief, and I feel like a new person. I'm sleeping well (oh, thank God!), waking up rested, and I feel like I finally have access to all my emotions. I'm also starting to feel some relief, I think, from the pain. I really hope this keeps up.