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  1. kinkypinky23

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    Anyone taking anti depressant medications? I am currently taking citalopram and i wondered if anti depressnt medications are in someway useful for FM CFS. I know that they make be effective in treating the depressive side of the illness, but has anyone found them to be effective in the symptoms of the illness?

    thanks kink
  2. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    I took one 20mg prozac at bedtime when I had trouble sleeping. this was a few years ago but it did help.
    Good luck!
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    There are a lot of the members on antidepressents. But this board is moving so fast, your post was on page 2 already.

    So consider this a bump. No, I do not take antidepressants.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    I've read and researched that Fibro. people have low seratonin levels. So anti-depressents should help. Also some are used for better sleep-Trazadone, for pain and sleep-elival, etc.
    I have tried may of them over the years but I am super sensative to side effects-they make me anxious or deep down aches-there is a word for it.
    But I just started Ultram which is an opiate and also has seratonin reuptake inhibators( keeps more of the seratonin in your body)and I swear I have more enrgy and less pain! this is a big deal for me! So hang in there if you do decide to try them. It make take time to find the right one. But if one makes you feel bad-2 weeks max before giving up on it in MHO.In other words don't make yourslef take it even if they tell you to if you really feel crummy.
  5. Kim

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    I take Remeron and it helps with the pain, sleeping. Cutting way back on carbs helps with the fatigue, exercise helps me with fatigue as does meditation.
  6. Applyn59

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    I just wanted to say that Ultram is NOT an opiate.
    That is why it is preferred by drs over narcotics,
    many of which are opiates. Ultram may act like
    an opiate, but it isn't an opiate itself. Also,
    ultram needs to be taken every day in order to be
    effective, while narcotics can be taken as needed.
    Glad it's working for you. I tried it and it gave
    me a headache. Didn't know about the serotonin

  7. benton

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    Hey Kink

    Ive been taking Citalopram for just a week now so im still waiting for something to happen. I was on Ammitriptiline for about 4 years and it really helped me with pain and sleep. Unfortunatly, i started to get low recently and i was sleeping for 14 hours a day! A godsend for some, but i was still exhausted during the day. My doc decided it was time foe a change. I tried Seroxat for a month but had real problems adapting to that. Now its Citalopram.

    How do you find it? How long have you been taking it for? Will you let me know if you feel any benefits before i do?? LOL.. lots of questions there, sorry..

  8. Chelz

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    Hi, First of all, I agree with ac77. I do not believe in the serotonin deficiency because they can't test if you are really deficient. I was put on AD's way before anyone diagnosed me with FMS, all 8 doctors I saw thought I was just a depressed female, (sound familiar?) I was on Elavil, Zoloft, Paxil and Wellbutrin. These meds did NOTHING for me but give me horrible side effects. I was constantly seeing the doctor because of weight gain, messed up periods, bronchitis, increased grinding of the teeth. All thsese problems were caused by the AD's because when I got off them, the problems disappeard. I honestly believe if I NEVER went of these drugs, I wouldn't have had so many more problems. It's ironic, these drugs caused a 100 pound weight gain, and caused hormonal problems, which caused me to become MORE DEPRESSED THAN EVER. No, I do not believe these drugs are useful in the LONG RUN for FMS. I say treat the ILLNESS, not the result of the illness. Hugs. Chelz. PS, I lost most of the weight but it was a b***ch to do which I didn't need.