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  1. judywhit

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    I am really having a difficult time with pain, fatique and sleeplessness. This winter has been a difficult one for me. I have been taking St.Johns wart and that helps but I think I need to take a pharmacutucal drug that will help with the sleep too. I am thinking of requesting Paxil. I have been on wellbutrin and LOVE it for the energy. But...unfortunatly it really gives me insomnia so I quit it. Prozac upsets my tummy can not take it. For those on anti's can you give me some suggestions? I would like to know about your experience with 1.) weight gain 2.) does your anti help you sleep.
    thanks so much for your replies.
    Be Blessed,
  2. 2girls

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    Hello Judy

    I have been taking Paxil for the past three months. I started Prozac in Oct/02 then switched to Paxil. At the time I felt I needed it to get over the anxiety often associated with FM. I have come to terms with this and feel I no longer need an antidepressant, so I am weaning myself off (taking 1/4 of 20mg pill). By end of next week I will be off. I do not feel it has helped me with sleep at all. I am still fatigued and have hard time sleeping without Ativan (1mg). I do not think I gained an ounce on this med, but maybe I did not take it long enough. I have heard from many sources that a side effect of Paxil is weight gain.
    Hope this helps,

  3. nancyneptune

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    Anything BUT Paxil! There are hundreds of people in CA. with a class action law suit going on against Smith-Kline, Beecham for horrible, irreversible side effects from Paxil withdrawl. Sharp electrified pains in their heads, shooting electrical pains in their spines and the rest of their bodies. Muscle deterioration, extreme anxiety, kidney problems, liver disfunction.. on and on.
    I have been taking Paxil for panic disorder for 10 years. I can never go off it. But if you only need something for depression,do not ask for Paxil. I'm also 100 pounds heavier than when I started taking Paxil. It does make you gain weight, ruins your sex drive, and causes some people to have fewer inhibitions. Like being slightly drunk all the time. It also costs me 132 bucks a month for 60 pills. There are much cheaper anti-depressants. I hope you find a good one. Paxil isn't.
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    Judy after reading about all the bad things in others reply about Paxil I just hope I can keep getting it. I think it is great. I have had FMS since the mid 70s, mine is traumic FMS (Whiplash) I tried all an everything I could get, my Dr. gave me freeraine on anything I wanted ,he wrote me a script. Ihave been on Elivil forever and it has always helped my sleep. I read an article on how Paxil may help people with FMS. My Dr. wrote me a script and in 3 days I had a marked improvement with sleep and fatiuge, my memory improved and my fibro fog lifted. this was 3 yrs ago. I take 50 mgs of Elivil and 20 mgs of Paxil together 2hrs before bed. FMS is a central nervious sys. and chemical imbalance of which seritonin is involved, both Paxil and Elivil are for the treatment of seritonin problems. good luck and Id say give it a try.
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  5. judywhit

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    I think the elevil is a good idea. It has been a round for a very long time and has proven effective and safe. I was on elevil at one time and I just remember the weight gain. YUK! But, living like this is no fun either!!!
    Going to a doc in the morning that has treated over 2,000 fms patients. Sure he has a protocol. I just feel if I could sleep I could begin to heal.
    thanks guys,
  6. Milo83

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    I currently take Tranzadone (Desyrel) and it does help me get some good sleep at night..I also took Elavil at one time and that worked for me also..
    Since I had anxiety/depression problems long before my FM, I take something all the time..I also take Effexor daily, but some tell me that is really a hard one to get off of it you ever want..I actually lost about 7lbs the first week on Effexor and that was back in '97..
    Best of Luck to you..........Donna
  7. bonwar

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    I take Celexa to help with serotonin levels and Trazadone to help with getting proper deep sleep (and getting rid of brain fog). My brain feels like it did before I got sick! I can think again! I haven't had any side effects with these, though I know everyone reacts differently to medication.

    Unfortunately I haven't found any meds to help with my physical symptoms and I still can get very fatigued but my antidepressants have made things much more bearable!

    I second the advice to stop taking St. John's Wort when you start on meds.

    Good Luck and let us know how it goes.
  8. Sandyz

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    I recently started on a new antidepressent called Lexapro. It is one of the newest ones out and is supposed to have few side-effects. It also starts working faster then some of the others.

    It seems to be working well for me. Ask your doctor about it and see what he thinks.
  9. pepper

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    I was put on Paxil when it first came out and was told it might make me lose weight - which was okay with me since I had put on a few pounds after I became ill with CFS. Well, before I finally switched to Zoloft, I had gained over 100 pounds and there didn't seem to be an end to the weight gain! I just gained and gained and gained. I also craved carbs all the time and was always hungry!

    I was able to lose a lot of weight after switching to Zoloft. However, it may contribute to my insomnia. It's hard to say. I take sleeping meds and ZMA and Melatonin and still have difficulty sleeping. But I had that problem before I took Zoloft.

    Almost everyone I know who has taken Paxil has gained an incredible amount of weight although I do know of a few who lost some weight. If you are inclined to gain, I would stay away from it.

  10. mellow

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    I have been taking Paxil 20mgs. for 4 months now. I am sleeping more soundly at night but I still suffer with fatigue during the day. My pain had eased off a lot before starting the Paxil and has not returned with the same intensity. I don't know whether this is due to the Paxil or not. I have not put on any weight but I am careful as to what I eat (mainly healthy foods). Mellow
  11. joyelvey

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    It's good to read about other's experience with the anti's. I had always refused to take any medication . . . until i became desperate. It's taken me a while to realize that you need to get the dosage right. At first I just took a little bit . . . . which took the edge off, but I was still in an up and down cycle all the time. Now I take elavil at night before bedtime and get a good night's sleep ---- something that hadn't happened in decades! I take Paxil mid morning, after I eat, and along with CoQ10, MSM, Bvitamins, chromium. With the right dose, it's like putting on a pair of glasses that are adjusted properly . . . you forget you're wearing them because you go back to seeing like you used to. I still get to feeling sad sometimes (thank goodness), and have "bad days" with flare-ups, or droop-downs (can't get out of bed). But all in all, a great improvement.

    I am worried about all I've read from others about Paxil. I have gained weight, but it seems to have stabilized and am now trying to lose it. Has anyone had a successful experience of "getting off" Paxil? When did you decide that you didn't need it any more? And what of all these things in the CA class-action suit? I"m in CA and would like to follow this if you can give me some reference.

    Good luck~!
  12. ruby7

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    I am also taking the new drug lexapro, i do sleep better and have fewer muscle pains BUT & this is embarrasing I can't have an orgasm. I don't quit know how to talk to my Dr. about this.:(
  13. lunabella

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    effexor (150 mg.) wiped me out financially but it seemed as if it helped with depression for a while, but i don't know if i developed a tolerance or if my dep just gets worse in the fall/winter months. at any rate, i went off it after about a year, last fall when it seemed like it was no longer keeping the dep at bay. i chose to stop instead of playing the "up-the-dose" game.
    i will say that it made me have extremely weird, abnormally vivid & detailed dreams. well, dreams are always weird-- but the it was the amount of detail that was unusual. don't know what this means in terms of sleep (does anyone know?) it did not affect my soundness of sleep but then again i don't have problems sleeping.

    for a while i thought it was helping my lack of organizational skills/hoarding (that comes w/ depression-- who has the energy to deal w/ stuff??) but that didn't last either.

    i don't recall having the muscle aches that i had before & have now-- i *think* it helped, but am not sure. it does seem to have gotten worse since quitting.

    no unusual weight gain.

    in a nutshell-- not sure if it was even worth the bother. (would probably have to go off & on several times to really see... which would take several years. not a game you should be playing with your brain!)

    but some say it really helps & i've read several places where it supposedly helps fibro. some people really love it. perhaps, i never had a high enough dose?

    anyway, no other bad side effects... other than the weird jaw-clenching thing for the first week or so, til you get up to your dose.

    hope that helps in some way, and good luck w/ your decision!

  14. foxylady57

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    I have been on most of the meds listed inthe discussion. I have gained weight with all but Trazdone(lost weight) and the lexapro has helped me the most with the depression and not being too munchy. I also take Serquel(sp) and it is the only way I can sleep at all. This is the first winter I haven't hibernated too badly (lexapro) and can stand stuff. You have to realize I have been diagoned as OCD, PTSD(Post-tramatic), Severe Chronic Depression, and alittle Schzo. I am in the process of recovering from an auto accident, not my fault and the damage it has done. I couldn't take elavil-made me weird. Sinaquan(1st thing I was on) worked great-ate like starving. And one reason for the vivid dreams is possibley because you haven't been getting the necessary stage 4 sleep where you dream and your brain essenitially is catching up. I did good with the Paxil but needed more help as it cause a hangover effect. I can't think of what other I have taken for the FMS but the current drugs I am on and the combination seems to be helping the best. I am very fortunate to have a DR. willing to listen to me and to try new stuff.
    Good luck and don't give up.
  15. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    thanks guys for all your suggestions. It is great to hear everyones experiences. After reading all your posts I think I will stay on the st. johns wart. To many side effects with the other stuff. Might try trazadone for the sleep. Pharmisist said I could use this med just when I needed the sleep. This board is great.
    Be Blessed,
  16. slopok8225

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    I had been on many antis' and went on paxil. The worst side affect I had was that it brings on Yawning. No problem right?! Well everytime I would Yawn (alot) I would, during the recover seconds after yawn, have an extreme feeling of restriction in my throat like being strangled. when you yawn several times in a minute and this happens everytime!, you begin to panic. Well I began having major panic attacks not knowing why this was happening. Everyone has different side affects and that was mine. I also gained about twenty pounds over 6 months and have dropped it since changing. I wont recomend any particular one but will say you need to stay on for at least four weeks to notice if the drugs are working or not. Good luck.
    SANOFI has come out with a sleep aid called "Ambien" specifically for us FMS/CFS sufferers. it will literally put you to sleep and basically helps your body skip the first three levels of sleep and go directly to REM sleep. so far no side affects after waking. But if you are woke up before it wares off and have an important conversation dont expect to remeber it. It acts just like the antistesia givin with GI studies and such. You will wake relaxed and more rested than with any other meds I can remeber.
    Good luck!
  17. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    but I gained weight on it. I am still taking it because I am a walking zombie if I don't take it. I only take it at night.
  18. talldi

    talldi New Member

    When you go on the medication no herbs. They can accentuate action of meds or keep them from reaching good effect. I take 400 of Serzone at bedtime ( and yes I know about the liver possibilites but my Dr. monitors my liver function) and Effexor XL in the am 150mg. The effexor effeects me in that I have a little more energy. The Serzone helps me sleep. Paxil caused me headaches, fierce ones and stomach pain and did not reeally help my depression or insomnia. Good luck.
  19. maryfranf

    maryfranf New Member

    Hi Judy, i have tried several anti depressants also...i took elavil for a while, but it just made me weaker and more tired..then they tried me on something else...cant remember what it was..brain fog this morning...Now i am on lexapro and it doesnt seem to have any bad side effects..I take it in the daughter is on it also, it makes her sleepy, but it doesnt have that effect on ever, it does help me sleep at night...i think it is one of the best ones i have taken..i also cannot take prozac...i also have clinical depressiona and it seems to help that..the doctor recently upped my dose to doesnt make you gain weight either..i struggle every day just to gain an ounce, since this has caused my weight loss i guess..I stay stressed all the time about the weight loss and the pain...i hope you find one that works good for you..hugs..Mary fran
  20. maryfranf

    maryfranf New Member

    Ruby7..i also take lexapro..i take 10ml right now, but the dr wants me to take 20ml..i havent gotten the courage to take that much hasnt caused the orgasm problem as this supposed to be one of the side effects? do you know? like you, i sleep better and have less pain, i dont know why, sometimes i forget to take it for a day or two and i can really tell a difference in the pain..guess i should go ahead and try the higher dose..hugs..Mary fran