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    I read something the other day about hay fever, using natural remedies for it. It said that though antihistamines worked, you'd have to take them for the whole season, and that would damage your immune system.

    I have taken antihistamines every day for around ten years now.
    I have to ask myself could this be the root of why I'm in the state I'm in now. I take the antihistamines for a skin condition called dermagraphism which basically means I have a constant histamine reaction and itch intolerably most of the time (unless I take the antihistamines). So if the original condition is caused by an immune system gone haywire, how ironic for the remedy to be something that wrecks it even more!

    I've tried many things over the years to be able to get off the antihistamines but so far nothing has worked.
    I read something on here a while back about Quercitin and Bromelain (have I got that right?) has anyone used it for anything similar, I'd be interested to know
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    It is a natural antihistamine and I take it 3/day...I could stop taking my Allegra because this is better and with the OLE, I am finally getting my sinus/allergy/migraine problems solved..Have you tried the OLE, yet?

    Hope you get some relief,
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    as it happens, just after I'd posted this query, I looked at the OLE thread currently near the top of the board, and there was mention of Quercitin/Bromelain. I think i'll give it a try.
    I intended to try OLE but recently had a severe migraine after taking Echinacea for a while, so I'm putting off trying it till I get back from my holiday!