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    I'm so happy to find this site!

    I found OPC-3 through a friend. OPC stands for Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins. They are some of the worlds most potent and abundant polyphenolic substances in the plant kingdom and an integral part of the human diet. OPC's in nutritional supplements are generally extracted from grape seeds or pine bark. Due to potent antioxidant activity, OPC's have been the subject of recent research, demonstrating anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and vasodilatory properties, making them a potentially valuable therapeutic tool for the treatment of a a variety of conditions. Because they are produced in powder form, by the company I get them from, they are absorbed by the small intestine immediately. They are working miracles in my life. I had almost immediate results. OPC's have a scavenging affect on free radicals and an affinity to vascular tissue. I can help anyone interested in obtaining this product, get it.
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    am I guessing that you are selling this product?
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    I certainly have decided that the company, Market America, where I get my product from has a great foundation and if I can get the product for an insider price by getting involved why not? Also, I have now gotten OPC-3 for 12 different people and I am only covering my costs, which are including the shipping and handling, so - I divide the shipping and handling by the number of pieces I receive evenly and the price is below the suggested retail. The suggested retail isn't even outlandish. The woman who introduced me to OPC's was bed ridden for 8 years with Fibromyalgia. Her family had to do everything for her. She is a registered nurse and soon will have her degree in medicine. Her goal is to help people. I know that if I hadn't asked the Universe to bring the right people into my life, with what I need to get well, then I probably would never have met her nor would I be on OPC nor would I be sharing this information with everyone, and I mean everyone I meet. All I know is this. I was prescribed: Amitryptolene; Gabapentin; Lyrica; Ultracet; Zanaflex; Diazepam; Darvocet; Cymbalta; Wellbutrin; and I took Ibuprophen; Tylenol; you name it and nothing - NOTHING - worked. All these med's have such severe side effects and I and most people with Fibromyalgia, because there are similarities in all of us, all have sensitivities to prescription medications! I felt relief from OPC in 1 day. It's a nutritional supplementation. That's all. It's not expensive. And, it works. I don't know if we can share telephone numbers through this site, but if you are local, I'd be willing to even bring it to you. If not I can tell you how to get it...
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    The product I have also has pine tree bark and tannins, (the same thing you get from red wine). A 90 serving container costs me $55. The delivery system is what's incredible. They come in a crystal form. You mix the crystals with pure water and take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It goes into your small intestine and is 95% absorbed. The product is an Isotonix formula. Which is the delivery system into the body. Very fast, the only other way to get the OPC's into your body any quicker would be IV injections. OPC's also dramatically reduce your Cholesterol, and benefit people with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, MS, HIV, Vision problems, Skin problems like Eczema and Psoriasis. I'm not finding it too expensive based on what it addresses.
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    sharing this information with someone who understands and has answers. This site is awesome. Everytime I receive a reply I'm back here getting more information. I can see that I'm not alone. God Bless You All.

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