Antiphospholipid Syndrome vs MS vs CFIDS vs Fibro.

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    Anyone with a positive ANA be tested for cardiolipin antibodies? You know there are about a thousand antibodies that might be causing us problems.

    This one really blew my mind because it's exactly like MS and runs in the family.

    I'll check my research stuff I printed and try to get you the web address. I have script to have my blood tested for it.

    Quest didn't even have it in the books. It was only discovered in the early 1980's.

    What are phosolipids? Anyone tell me what the latin word for phoso means?

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    Complicated Migraine
    This article submitted by Grace on 9/16/96.

    I have been told that I have complicated migraine. I get very frequent migraines with aura, nausea, etc. When I get a severve migraine I get arterial occlusions with hemorage in both retinas. I am currently takeing Norvasc, Atenolo, Zoloft, Daypro and just started Dilantin. I take Stadol for pain. When it first happened, they said I had antiphosolipid syndrome because I had low positive IGG and IGM anticardiolipid antibodies. That was two neurologist ago. I also have inactive ocular histoplasmosis and multiple sclerosis. I take Betaseron for the MS. I am looking for some medication or treatment that will prevent the arterial occlusions because these are affecting my peripheal vision and I am going to lose my central vision due to the histo. I am also wondering if anyone has had Betaseron cause their migraines to get worse. I've been considering going off all my medications, just to see if they are the problem. Has anyone out there had similar experience with complicated migraine? I'd welcome any suggestions or opinions. Thank You Grace
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    Hi Mel,

    Just to let you know that there is a book about APS coming out in America soon written by a lady called Triona Holden.

    I have copied and pasted this from another group for you.

    Just to clarify - the book being published in the US is the US version
    of 'Living with Hughes Syndrome' (very similar, different cover)

    Also 'Living with Hughes Syndrome' is available via as well as on the amazon site and I am happily
    sending this book all over the world, you can buy it in any sort of
    dollars (US, Aus, Euro) from us and I promise to send it out quickly!

    Best to all
    Hughes Syndrome Foundation

    I think the book is going to be titled Positive Options for APS when it hits the book shops in America.

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    just guessing.