antiretrovrius medication.

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    Are there peopl out there saying bugger, i going to take retroviral drug, tested and not testedfor hmvx. all easily obtained throught the internet a good prices
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    i just read your reply after i replied to your thread on antiretrovril drugs. Im hoping to get tested first, but in australia could take years, if that is the case i probably will give it a go myself.

    I was doing well on famvir, then went back to work fulltime, hindsight(which is wonderful) i should have stayed part time. So am looking into this now. With the sickies im taking im almost part time anyway, lol. Im sure there are others alot worse then me, i want my life back for me and my family.

    Cheers Sue, this gives us hope!!!
    Stay strong girl
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    thanks heap. i am so scared to hope.

    i am so glad you can work part time..that is great!

    i guess we will be one of the first to take AZT on this board and hopefully, we can provide some information from our experience for others.

    i am 100% sure we have the virus. so many doctors are convinced this is the cause of the disease.

    i still wonder how much AZT to take. i was told to take "low dose" but does that mean 100 mg a day? 300 mg? 500 mg? they just don't know yet.

    i am trying to stop valcyte again and in 2 days i will become much sicker. i don't understand why i get sick when i stop valcyte. my antibodies for HHV6 are not very high and valcyte does not make me "well". perhaps it has a little effect on XMRV...who knows.

    thanks for the good wishes:)

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    dont be scared, i dont think theres much to lose, people who take these meds for aids have an improvement in there quality of live.
    combivir is a combination of azt(zipovodine)300mg and lamivudine150mg, taken twice a day for hiv.
    Even before going down this route im going look into immunovir, found a cheap source. Its less toxic the av's and think it might help keeping ebv etc down while going for xmrv, thats just a thought at this stage. if you need a link to some internet pharmacies that carry retroviral stuff let me know.

    Being a slow developing retrivirus , maybe once a day dosing may be enough, something to look into. keep researching your end and we will meet in the middle with what we find.

    keep ya chin up
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    i'm a little worried that azt will increase the mutation rate of XMRV and create resistant virus like it does with HIV. i also read it increases mutation rate 2 or 3 fold with another murine retrovirus.

    i know XMRV doesn't replicate very fast but it's still a worry, considering a better drug will probably take at least a couple of years to be released.

    apparently, they will know more about how much AZT to take in 2 or 3 months. the in vitro studies are underway.


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    lonelyhearts...i read that story...very interesting! glad you posted it.

    i tried to find out more about cyclodextrin but it was all over my head.

    apparently, it is the main ingredient in fabreeze! lol

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    they are getting through IV??? i have never even heard of this drug. is this what WPI is recommeding? isn't mikotivs treating these kids??
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    >>>Are there peopl out there saying bugger, i going to take retroviral drug, tested and not testedfor hmvx.<<<

    No, because I don't want to end up making myself any sicker than I already am. After reading that AZT can possibly leave you with permanent side effects, to me it isn't worth the risk at this point in time.
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    Still on famvir, its been 12 months now, looking at stopping. Had good improvement but i think going back to work fulltime in may of this year was/is too much, brain fog, fatigue bla bla bla has come back. So will be going back part time soon and see how i go