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    I need some information on them can anyone help please
    I am due to go back to my reum doc soon and I want to know if they would help I posted below about Famvir !!!

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    Valcyte is getting much more attention as addressing CFS these days. It works quickly, and Dr. Jose Montoya et al wrote a published paper on their initial trial:

    Dr. Montoya is going to be starting another experiment with a control group in a couple of weeks.

    My doctor seems to think of Famvir as "Valcyte lite." He says it works for many patients, but that they often need to be on it for a longer period of time (often six months to a year) before they see results. His dose is 1000 mg per day (as tolerated), although some doctors recommend a higher dose.

    My doctor's newer strategy is to use Famvir at the beginning to kill off as many viruses as possible, then to add Valcyte at the end to get the resistant ones. This, he believes, is safer due to the fact that Valcyte is somewhat toxic on the body.

    Some people get excellent results quickly from Famvir alone. You might want to do a user search for ask2266 to see her results.

    I have been detailing my progress on Famvir for the past five months or so. The threads are called "Famvir Status Report Week X."

    A shorter description is in my bio.

    This is a complex topic and one totally foreign to most doctors. If you're trying to persuade yours to prescribe any antiviral drug, presenting detailed information might be necessary. Otherwise, getting a specialist in the field might be needed.

    After Montoya's next Valcyte study is released, more doctors might be willing to try the drug on patients. How soon this will become a common treatmentm, I don't know.

    Best, Lisa
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    for the help I will let you know what happens!!!