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  1. heapsreal

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    I have been on famvir for about 9 months, the first 7 months on it didnt crash, of late have had a few crashes and slowly feel its losing its effectiveness, have added 200mg twice a day of acyclovir for last 3-4 weeks and havent noticed any improvement, maybe its a die of reaction.

    Anyway am wondering if others have had success with pulsing AV's and would it be appropriate since it appears to be losing its effects.

    Another thing i have been thinking of is a drug called probenecid which they sometimes use to increase the blood levels of antibiotics, would this drug increase blood levels of AVs?

  2. ladybugmandy

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    hi heap. i dont know about probenecid but i have heard of some doctors using tagamet to increase blood levels of valtrex...

  3. mezombie

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    Hi Heaps,

    My doc added Probenicid to Acyclovir when that stopped working for precisely the reason you are thinking of adding it.

    I'd say it's worth a try.

    Good luck!

  4. heapsreal

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    thanks sue and mezombie for that info, will chat to my doc in a few weeks about it. Did you find the medication increased blood levels you were trying to increase, another concern would be other meds i take may also increase, will have to look into everything else i take.

    Thanks again
  5. mezombie

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    Hmmm...trying to remember if testing showed blood level increase...I don't think so, unfortunately. The addition of the Probenicid certainly didn't make me feel the way I had before on the Acyclovir.

    But I say it is worth checking into because the prescribing doc was way ahead of the curve and wouldn't have suggested this combo if he didn't think it might work.

    Oh, and Acyclocir was the only Rx I was on, so I didn't have some of the concerns you have. Can't help you there.

    I think board member Mikie pulsed AVs and did well with them that way.
  6. heapsreal

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    i do remember mikie saying he pulses AV's, hope he chimes in an explains more on his method. I know for genital herpes, they take AV's when an outbreal starts. I know from once before i stopped AV's for a week that the glands in my neck became sore which was my first sign ebv was coming back. Maybe i could use it for a sign to restart AV's and stay on for a week. At the moment im just collecting ideas before i see my doc in a month, plus a blood test before that.

    Also looking into artesunare or oxymatrine to run past the doc .
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    Heya heaps
    I havent stayed on the valtrex for long because starts to be too hard for me to continue, and I don't put up with b.s. for long when I have a choice unless I know for a fact its a good idea.

    I do suspect the artesunate is a good thing and fairly safe. I think it makes me herx, sometimes a day later for a couple days, other times not. I have experimented with it this summer and am taking a break as it seemed the herx thing got worse the last time I took one and right now I have too much to do can't afford that but am going to come back to experimenting with it and the valtrex when I feel like I can put up with possible side fx. I think the artesunate has overall improved my energy just from taking it on and off a couple months, like once a week here and there and then maybe 5 days in a row once.
    valtrex was around then too so may have tied in as well. One of them or both of them gave me awful neuro side fx at one point when I was taking them in unison and more aggressively, it was too much, awful headache and spine pain, in lower amount it makes me antisocial as side effect.
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    heap..i cannot remember why you cannot take valtrex or famvir at higher it because of cost?

    did you know that valtrex is now available in generic form? (by apotex)
  9. heapsreal

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    Have you had improvement in any blood tests after artesunate, although getting a sense of improvement is worth a shot. My doc is an intergrative doc who is into natural therapies, so once i get my blood test results, i will ask him about artesunate. Ginseng dang qui 10 was something my doc suggest i try for my immune system, cant say i feel better but maybe a die of too. Die off/herx reactions sometimes i wonder if its real as this disease is so up and down its hard to tell.

    Im abit sus about herx/die off reactions to av's as they dont kill the virus, just stop it replicating, and the immune system is suppose to mop the rest up. High doses like 3-4grams a day of valtrex is suppose to kill the virus more directly and potentially cause a die off. Sometimes the bad feeling we get from meds is just that we dont tolerate them well. Nobody knows, if it makes you feel aweful for to long that you stop, its got to be bad as cfs feels crappy on its own, lol.

    keep in touch with how your going, am interested in the natural antiviral stuff.

  10. heapsreal

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    yes its the cost, cant get generic valtrex or famvir in australia and ordering from overseas is more costly. Thats why Im considering probenecid as it can increase blood levels of other meds including famvir, but will run it past the doc first and dont see him for another 4-5 weeks.

    Looked into valcyte today and the cheapest i saw would cost me $1600 a month. Healthcare is free in australia to a point, you can get private insurance but out of pocket expenses are high.

    Anyone know of good internet pharmacy that sells(cheap) AV's please tell.