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  1. heapsreal

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    My understanding is antivirals supress reactivation and dont kill viruses directly. If this is so and our cfs is related to this then going off antivirals will see this virus reactivate. How does doing a course of 6 months of antivirals kill the virus? Does it just reduce the viral load so our immune system can kill the rest or what?? Or does it interupt the "breeding cycle" so to speak. I cant seem to get my head around how these antivirals cause long term benefits once off them.

    Im currently having good success with famvir and have just added lysine for its antiviral properties and see what happens. Possibly stay on lysine post antivirals and keep antivirals on hand after 6months use for possible viral reactivation.

    Thanks, Dan
  2. floridagrl

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    Lysene is an amino acid -I took it for a while in lieu of valtrex and I had no problems
  3. heapsreal

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    did you find the lysine helped??
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    heap...relapse is very common after going off antivirals. it is my understanding that most of lerner's patients have to stay on a maintenance dose of valtrex forever. some have to stay on a full dose forever.

    he believes we have a genetic defect which prevents our immune system from inducing latency of some herpes viruses as normal people do.

    great to hear that famvir is helping:)

  5. heapsreal

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    I was thinking that was going to be the case. After a good 6 months I may try using it when i start to have a relapse, usually my glands start to hurt which will be my sign to start the antivirals. I might start with a high loading dose then maintenance for 10 days or so. When the time comes i will have to play around and see what works.

    Yes I am finding the famvir really good, its been about 10 weeks, no sore glands and had no crashes so to speak, some days are a little harder then others though. Looking into hormonal and mitochondrial stuff to boost energy at the moment. Things are positive though.

    Sounds like your up and down a bit, hope you hit onto something soon to help you improve.

    Good luck, Dan
  6. Mikie

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    With many of these long-term treatments, we have to take the meds for about six months and then pulse on and off of them. I don't know whether transfer factors are more readily available now but they helped me more than anything after I had done 1 1/2 years on Famvir.

    If one has overgrowth of fibrin in the blood, common with long-term infections, one needs to take Lovenox or nattokinase to get rid of the fibrin/platelet clumps where pathogens can hide out. Both the TF's and blood thinners can cause severe Herx-like reactions as the pathogens are dying off in large numbers.

    The benefit of TF's is that they "train" one's own immune system to kill pathogens.

    Love, Mikie
  7. ladybugmandy

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    mikie....i am very glad you have improved so much! i see that one has to be very patient.

    transfer factors didnt help me at all! i think my problem with HHV6 is hardcore and will take a very very long time. its been over 16 years sick for me now and i started treating about 1 1/2 yrs ago...

    i have started to experience some fibromyalgia pain in my upper arms. i know of someone who developed FM after a course of antivirals and his CFS did not really improve either.

    i am quite worried....