Antiviral Users (Past and Present) Poll PLEASE HELP OUT

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slayadragon, Dec 8, 2006.

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    For those of you who have tried AV's of any sort, I would much appreciate it if you would answer the following questions. I'm getting scattered info on this topic, but not yet pieced it together.

    1) What AV did you take? What dosage? How long were you on it?

    2) What was your health status before you went on the AV? (At least in terms of that 10 point scale--more elaboration if you have time.)

    3) Did you get a herx reaction? If so, how severe was it? How long did it take before you got past it (if you did)? Was there anything that you did that helped the herxing, do you think?

    4) What was your health status while you were on the AV? (Again, in terms of the 10 point scale. If you experienced benefits--or declines--what were they?)

    5) What was your health status immediately after you stopped taking the AV (if you did stop)? Did this remain constant or change as time went on?

    6) Did you do anything with regard to treating viruses after you stopped taking the AV on a continual basis? (e.g. pulsing, rotating different AV's, using transfer factor, other immune support, etc.)

    7) In general, is there anything that you think that people who are trying AV's should know?

    Thanks very much for your help. I think this has the potential of helping _many_ people on the board, and so I hope you will consider spending your time supplying answers to be a very good deed. :)
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    I have been on acyclovir for years and years! (I have had CFS for 18 years.)

    I do not take it every day because I have a weak liver and I cannot tollerate the processing of chemicals. I definitely have noticed that when I can take it, I do feel better.

    Recently, I have discovered that it even helps me with a certain type of headache!

    On the days that I cannot take the Acyclovir, I do take some other herbal anti-viral supplements.

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    Olive Leaf Extract, 500mg 3X daily per a nurse friend's advice...hey she has recovered from EBV!

    Also, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Vit C.

    1 garlic clove a day. Take as a pill with food.

    Vitalzym enzymes, protease dissolves the protien coating on viruses. Others buzz about Virastop enzymes.

    Probiotics (healthy bacteria) makes enzymes in the large intestine that our body's can use to fight viruses.

    Chelate mercury and lead using DMSA & ETDA respectively. Heavy metals weaken the immune system. So chelating them out is sort of anti-viral.

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