Anxiety and Depression

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mrs. B, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Mrs. B

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to your site and have posted a few times. I have greatly appreciated all of the information that is available since I am new to the FMS/MPS world. I was wondering if it is possible to be clinically depressed and have anxiety at the same time? It seems I have all the symptoms for both. I see my Dr. tomorrow and would love to hear some input from some of you first.

    Lisa B.
  2. Debgene56

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    Welcome, anxiety is part of clinical depression. You can also get anxiety from these dd's. And you can get depression from the pain and the fatigue. You should talk to your doc and find out if your clinically depressed or is it from the dd's. Good luck. I get alittle of both, if it gets in your way, you should do something about it. I teeter on depression so often I wonder if I should break down and take an antidepressant. Good luck!! Love, Deb
  3. Spoonerpaws

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    Anxiety goes along with depression in alot of cases. Usually once you treat the depression, the anxiety will subside, but sometimes it is necessary to use anti-anxiety meds.

    Alot of the newer antidepressants will help to relieve the anxiety symptoms.

    No wonder we are anxious with DD's like this!
  4. Mrs. B

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    Thanks for the input. I thought I was going crazy since I had symptoms of both. I have been doing a lot of reading lately and am learning a lot but, due to the "fibro fog" I thought maybe the notes I had been taking were wrong when I re-read them a couple of days later. haha It's nice to have you all here to help my poor husband doesn't know what to think about me anymore but, I blessed that he tries to be understanding and patient.

    Thanks again!
    Lisa B