Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sandimcf, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. sandimcf

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    I found out two years ago that I have Fibro. One of the most annoying part of Fibro is the anxiety attacks. I have consulted my family doctor in regards to taking meds like valium. He refuses to prescibe them even though I already know they work for me. Does anyone know what works for anxiety other than Tranqs.
  2. Hippen

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    There are meds like Zoloft(I take this) or Buspar or paxil that all are supposed to help with anxiety attacks. Each person reacts different to these meds so it is trial and error to find the right one and the right dosage. My Mother used to take Valuim for this condition and the bad part about it was she did not have lasting relief from the attacks...she would have to wait for the attack to occur and then hurry and take the valium to ease the attack. Years ago they did not have all of these new meds so her choices of meds were limited. Nowadays the meds keep an even dose running through your body at all times so that an attack can be prevented...hopefully. Ask your doc about one of the above meds or maybe somebody else has a med that they would like to recommend. But remember what works for one person does not always work for you will need to try a med to see if it works for you...if it does not work, you may need to try a different one. Good luck and take care.....let us know what you and your doctor decide. Hippen
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    i take wonders. tried prozac, paxil, wellbutrin and finally this works the best for me. i never can understand why docs refuse meds.

    my husband gets panic/anxiety attacks and he takes xanax when needed. which is rarely because he works. but he know he has it if he needs it.

    how long have you been seeing this doc? sometimes they really need to get to know you before they prescribe certain things to make sure you need it. if you know him well and he knows you, i don't understand.
    take care
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    I suffered with panic attacks long before I was diagnosed with Fibro. Back then, I was on Prozac and Xanax. The Xanax worked great! But, now no one will prescribe them so, I have taken Paxil and Buspar and they seem to work as well. It is really a trial and error process until you know what will work for you. I hope that you get relief soon! I know how terrible these attacks are!