Anxiety Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LeLeHpr, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. LeLeHpr

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    I am having a hard time deciding what is more debilitating..The anxiety or the pain? Anyone else having that same delima??? I almost choked on my lunch today because I was soo wound up..LOL

    Has anyone, or is anyone taking Buspar? I have read great things about it, however have not been on it long enough to notice a difference...?
  2. gcalex

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    I think everyone's mileage varies on anxiety meds. Personally buspar did nothing for me but klonopin works reasonably well. You definitely need to get to a therapeutic level for a reasonable time before you can tell about any med though. For acute attacks breathing exercises can be very useful too.
  3. pam_d

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    I would be one who agrees that anxiety is one of my greatest demons!! I'm getting better though....the longer I have FM, the easier it gets to deal with the anxiety, though I still succumb to it sometimes. Whenever I have more pain than usual, or a new symptom (I am always plagued by strange neurological symptoms that change over time) I would start to feel the anxiety level rise, almost to a panic state; couldn't sleep, eat, even sit still or breathe normally. I don't use any anti-anxiety drugs, or even supplements for this (tho I take a lot of vitamins for other stuff). What's actually helped the most for me is time, and now having built kind of a "history" with FM. I'm getting better about seeing patterns, and being able to take some deep breaths and not get instantly anxious the second I get a disturbing level of pain, or a new, scary symptom; I try to remember if I've experienced it before, and try to kind of remind myself that I've gone into flares before, that I get through them, that they don't last forever, etc.---kind of a mantra to keep my stress level down! I'm better about it now......but not immune to it!

    Everybody's reason for anxiety is different; mine is definitely the kind that is a direct reaction to my stress over FM. I hope the buspar helps your kind of anxiety, I agree it's no fun to live with 24-7!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Mikie

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    I hate to always be repeating myself here, but I have never found an article which explains some of our symptoms, including anxiety, sensory overload, RLS, and sleep deprivation, better than Dr. Paul Cheney's article on Klonopin here in our library. Do a search on his name and it will bring up a list of his articles.

    Love, Mikie
  5. LeLeHpr

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    Thanks soo very much for the quick responses to my post! Anxiety is not fun, and this dd is the pits...But, I am able to walk, talk, swallow (when not anxious..LOL) hear, smell, touch..So, needless to say I am very thankful. I am also very thankful to have found all of you and this web site.

    I am going to continue the buspar and pray it takes the anxiousness out of the FM...(WOW, amzing what fybrofog can do for a person...HEHE)

    Love and soft hugs to all!