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    I have read several posts today about anxiety attacks, losing time or zoning out, getting spacey, and smelling things no one else smells and hearing things no one else hears. I would like to address an issue I hope would help other people in their search.

    Recently there was a post about Dr. Cheney's article about using Klonopin and about people with fibro and chronic fatigue being on the seizure scale. My doctor is sending me to a neurologist for an EEG.

    My oldest son happens to have a form of seizure disorder that particularly happens during sleep or extreme fatigue (like Cheney says we have). My younger son had a seizure during his sleep a couple of weeks ago and is now going through the neurological process as well. My youngest has always had anxiety experiences (which perplexed us because he is so easy going). He would also have OCD tendencies. I have learned that the same part of the brain that these sleep seizures comes from can ALSO cause the anxiety and OCD symptoms. These are seizure auras (who knew). I have been having anxiety issues all my life which have really been contrary to my personality and faith. I could not control them and they came or went with no seeming reason. My mother always had panic attacks and her father did too.

    This seizure pattern tends to run in families and may disguise itself as night terrors, sleep walking, you can certainly hear things and smell things that no one else can. These are all auras.

    My doctor is certain that I am affected by this seizure pattern. It is often missed for years because after all, who sees them, unless there is an obvious grand mal, which is unlikely. The zoning out (my son and I have had) is very common. Daytime fatigue is also an issue.

    The loss of a deep and steady sleep repeatedly for years can certainly cause muscle pain and lack of muscle repair. Both my boys have approached what I thought could be fibro. I'm certain if their night seizures had gone undetected into adulthood they would eventually have the full-blown pain that I have.

    I would really recommend that people print out that seizure article on this site and also the article about how Cheney feels about the use of stimulants and SRI inhibitors. I took these to my doc who is very understanding of fibro and he just chuckled after reading them because he said they were VERY AFFIRMING. He had through the years come to the same conclusions through trial and error with his fibro patients and it was good to see it validated in print.

    I will keep you posted on what my neurologist says and the EEG results, which probably won't finalize until the fall. I am very hopeful that treating seizures will eventually help my pain, fibro-fog and all the other strange symptoms.
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    I am so glad you have such a good doc. Please do update us on your tests.

    I've been recommending that people read both these articles for ages and sound like a broken record, but I think it is such important info.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Mikie,

    Yes, you have given me information about those articles. That's why I took them to my doctor. I'm not sure how many tests they will do now because I have been out of town and just found out I AM PREGNANT!

    Big surprise, but always a joy. Funny too, my teen son was just saying the day before I found out that he wanted me to have another baby.