Anxiety, nerves and sensitivity

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betsy2, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Betsy2

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    I am getting on my own last nerve!! LOL This may sound funny but I constantly worry about things that I have no control over, I am a very nervous and highly sensitive. This only makes the pain worse and it makes me tire a lot more easily. You would think I would know better because I know exactly what the stress does to me emotionally and physically. I don't know maybe I need to go back into therapy. I feel like I am falling back into a pit where I bury my feelings and pretend everything is fine. NOOOO, I can't do that. Sorry, just trying to sort out my feelings.
  2. klutzo

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    Hyper-sensitivity is part of the brain chemical abnormalities we have. Have you tried Klonopin or Neurontin to ease this overreactivity?
  3. phenom

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    i'm really down at the moment and feel like i'm living on a knife edge... i'm considering going into therapy because i am so anxious about living! last time i was in therapy it helped a lot, but had to stop because of the dreaded dollar.....

  4. Mikie

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    And read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on Klonopin. It will explain it all to you.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Annette2

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    Hi Betsy. I'm wondering if you have enough things in your life right now to take your mind off of yourself. I recently had a hysterectomy and spent 7 weeks at home recuperating. I was laid up in bed and couldn't read as I was in too much pain. I watched a lot of TV but eventually drove myself nuts! If you're not working, is there something else you can do? Can you volunteer a few hours a week? Or take some sort of classes? Anything to take your mind off of yourself. I'm sure it would make you feel better. By the way, where in South Carolina do you live? I lived in Charleston for 3 years and loved it! We left in the summer of 1989, right before the Hurricane! I haven't been back since, but would love to! It's a beautiful city!!!!

  6. Betsy2

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    Distractions would help but when I get so wound up I can't concentrate on any one thing. I try to make it through the day without napping so I will sleep the whole night but I get exhausted and end up feeling this way. I did end up just lying on the couch and resting for a few minutes. Even with no sleep it help just to lay down and calm myself. The respiratory tech at the hospitals sleep clinic told me to take naps during the day even if I only go into Stage One sleep it will help. I have severe sleep apnea with no CPAP because of the move and need to have another study done for new health care insurance.

    I live near Florence, SC. My significant other used to live near Charleston in Pinnopolis. I haven't been to Charleston yet but plan to make it there. The closest to the coast I have been is to Brookgreen Gardens. Brookgreen is beautiful. Have you ever been there?

  7. Betsy2

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    I read at a sleep apnea site that Klonopin and CPAP are not a good combination so asked rheaumie to switch me from Klonopin to something else for my restless legs. I am taking Sinemet for my restless legs now.

  8. Annette2

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    Hi Betsy. I've only been in Charleston. For some strange reason, we never traveled out of that general area. We've been to Sullivan's Island, Folly Beach, James Island, Isle of Palms, but not to any other cities in South Carolina. You would love Charleston - it's one of the most beautiful cities! It has so much history and wonderful restaurants and the people are so nice! I hope you get to take a trip there!

    My next suggestion about your extreme anxiety would be to see a therapist. He/she can help you understand what is making you so anxious and just by talking about things you might feel better. You'd be able to pinpoint exactly what's bothering you and perhaps they would have suggestions for you. I feel that because I have this DD I need to talk to someone about how I feel and how to cope. That doesn't mean I'm crazy or anything, just that I need help to figure things out. If you do go to someone, make sure they know and understand FMS. Don't let them say it's "all in your head".

  9. blondieangel

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    just like you...worrying, couldn't sleep, muscles all tensed up...and then the doctor prescribed xanax. Now I don't worry endlessly about things I have no control over! And it relaxes my rock hard muscles too!And I can sleep w/o waking up worrying in the middle of the night. ( I do take pain/sleep/depression meds too)
    Love, Blondie