anxiety over SS Disability

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    I swear this has been the worst thing in so so long that I have had to deal with. I am in the reconsideration stage of my disability and my determination lady keeps lieing to me!! The beginning of August I called to see how everything was going and be sure that they were keeping my claim going. She said it would be two to three weeks it just went to the Doctors'. I marked my calander and called back two weeks later. She then said it just went into the Doctors' it would be a week and a half. well, again last week, the same thing. This week I am in total anxiety overload. I have medical bills up the wazzooo, and am scheduled for a hysterectomy for October 30th. I called her again yesterday to see where things were. WELL!! She again fed me bull, it just went in. I literally flipped out. I began crying and told her all she was doing was "lieing" to me. That for weeks upon weeks she has told me the same thing. She claimed they wanted more from my shrink and such. I just lost it, I asked her how much more they wanted from them and from me. I said I am tired, I can not mentally take this crap from them anymore. That they hold my life in their hands along with everyone elses and they just do not even care. I said i am sitting on a mound of doctors' bills that I can't pay and they are taking their time. She didn't say anythng, just fell silent and I guess let me rage and cry. So, i told her I would go.
    I am truly disappointed and honestly don't know how much one is supposed to take from these people. My anxiety meds aren't up for this one I guess.
    Thanks for listening just need a break from all of it I guess.
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    I agree, they try to push you over the edge until you lose everything and feel like you can't get any worse off then you are. I don't know how these people could do that job. I could never be so heartless.
    Thanks for the hug.
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    I remember days when I just wanted to tear up all my paperwork and say to hell with all of it. But, I didn't, and I did end up getting approved. Do you have a good lawyer to help you? How long ago has it been since you originally filed? I filed in Feb of 2002 and received my award letter in April 2003. Maybe if you talk to your attorney and tell him/her what this is doing to you there might be something they can do to help hurry it along. After I was denied at the reconsideration stage, I avoided having the hearing with the ALJ by rquesting that he/she review my case without a hearing. By doing this I believe I saved a lot of time. Normally I would have had to wait up to 18 more months for the ALJ hearing, but doing it the way I did I had my case reviewed in a matter of months.

    Good luck to you, and don't give up, that's what they want you to do.

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    It is so discouraging. I know it took me three years to get approved and they put us through bankruptcy, because we simply could not pay all the medical bills and it was getting to the point we couldn't cover our car payment and had to let them reposses the car. It was crazy. When I went in front of the ALJ three years later she approved me, but then it took 5 months longer to get my pay as they said they had to verify that I received nothing from SSI, which I never did. Finally we begged a woman in our local office to do something before we lost our house too and she called the Maryland office for us and my money was in my bank four days later. I sent that woman a thank you card as no one else at that office or any other office had treated us like we were human beings and she did. Don't give up as that is what they want you to do. It might take a long time and it might only take a few more weeks, it is so hard to know, but no matter what do not give up and I noticed that the more you called the further we got. I had four people tell me they couldnt call maryland and they had to do everything by computer and I thought how rediculous and it was that nice lady called up there every day until she reached someone she knew and then my check came very quickly after that. They lie and lie and lie just so you will sit back and be quiet. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as I know how hard it is and what a long wait. I will be praying that it comes through for you quickly so you don't have to file bankruptcy like we did. That was horrible and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    Good Luck and keep at them,
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    I truly appreciate all your support. I had to go to the bank today and am waiting to hear whether i can get a loan to pay them off. It is just terrible the struggle we must go through. My poor Aunt has "terminal" lunge cancer right now and they have fought her and fought her for the past four or five months. She is going through chemo and radiation both at the same time and is terribly sick. Well, they kept calling her because they needed this and that from her. She was so discouraged. She finally got approved BUT has a one year waiting period for medical insurance. Is that the most degrading thing you've ever heard. By the time it kicks in who even knows if she will be here with us. it is sad. I am just bumming is all. Our gov't really doesn't care about anyone that is unwell.It's a darn shame.
    Thank you you all for your kindness and caring.