Anxiety/panic attacks and FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rattgal, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. rattgal

    rattgal New Member

    Is there a relationship between a history of anxiety disorders preceeding fibromyalgia symptoms?
  2. kmelodyg

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    Unfortunatly most people that I know, or have heard about have an Anxiety Disorder to one degree or another. But like Mikie says, it's the "which comes first, the chiken or the egg" situation. Is the anxiety and depression caused by the FMS? Or is FMS brought on by the anxiety and depression? Hard to say....

  3. atrinigyal29

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    Some people here have stated that they had anxiety/panic attacks before their FM. Others, state that their panic attacks did not come on until their FM. You can find more info on this if you do a message search on anxiety (at the top of the page) from previous posts.
  4. rattgal

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    I have a 15 year history of anxiety problems, and about 4 years ago began having chronic pain and tension from the base of my head down to my shoulder. This then expanded into frequent headaches and about two years ago was told by both my dentist and doctor that I have TMJ. The last couple of years I have also noticed my energy level decline, I can get through a busy, long day, but the next day I have difficulty coping with doing much. I am only 33 and was previously very fit and energetic. A really driven and motivated person. I feel like I am fighting against sinking.
    I have been noticing more frequent tenderness (besides in my neck and shoulders) in my knees, hips, and ankles. Sometimes my hands or feet are numb, itch or burn, or may be cold or sweaty. I'm afraid this is only the beginning of something much worse. I don't really bring these things up to my doctor because he got sick of me coming in all the time. I think he thinks I'm just a nut case hypochondriac. And in any case, things aren't so bad yet, I guess. There are some days that are hard to get through, but I make it and try to recuperate on weekends. I have a tough stressful job, and two children, a husband and pets and get spread thin. It's frustrating when I don't feel well enough to do the things I would like to on weekends with my family. I feel like I am letting them down, or I go along for the sake of everyone else and suck it all inside, so they can have fun-especially for the kids. But it's hard for me. I used to be "Wonder Woman"-now I'm just tired and sore. My body does not feel right, and I feel like I can't trust it. What I would give to be a child again, when each new day was something to look forward to.
  5. courtney5771

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    I have had generalized anxiety disorder and depression- diagnosed by a doctor when I was 14 about the time I started feeling like I had FM. Anxiety and stress puts me into a flare right away!

  6. Goodday

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    I have had more and more anxiety/panic attacks in the past five years. Rattgal, you have a heavy load to carry.

    All those anti-depressants are suppose to take care of it, but for me it makes it worse.....I get so dizzy on them. Also some meds can cause anxiety...Neurontin made me lightheaded and Ultram made me "nuts." It is hard to find the right thing for this fibro....I tried Melatonin during the day. (Melatonin is the precursor to seritonin.) It helped some, and made me yawn. It did have a slight calming effect though. There might be some herbs that help but I can't finance them and my regular meds too.

    Also, thyroid plays an important role in our ability to deal with anxiety and panic. If it isn't stable, neither is our brains functional abilities. I have hypothyroidism, permanent, and it has been tough dealing with anxiety!! I can relate to the feelings! Wishing you better days ahead. Goodday
  7. Mikie

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    Please go to the library here and do a search on Klonopin. Read the article by Dr. Paul Cheney. It explains the slight seizure state which produces anxiety and other symptoms in people with our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie