anxiety/panic during flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Flibble, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Flibble

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    Does anyone else get much more anxious and panic-filled during their flares? Is that one of the first symptoms of a flare for anyone? TIA! Flibble
  2. kmelodyg

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    I definatly get more attacks when I am in a flare or when I am about to go into one. This DD is like a vicious cycle. Stress causes panic attacks, causes pain and FMS symptoms, causes stress, causes panic attacks, causes pain, etc, etc, etc..... It's unavoidable. But I have found since I started taking Paxil a few months ago, that my panic attacks and stress have calmed down quite a bit. Are you taking any antidepressants??

  3. Flibble

    Flibble New Member

    No, I don't take any ad meds. I have tried a ton of them and the side effects are always too much. I haven't tried Paxil. I have read so many horror stories about it that it scared me off. I am glad it works for you. Thanks Flibble
  4. zggygirl

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    I had panic attacks for about 20 some years. Now it is just general anxiety, But Yes, I did dtart getting this anxiety thing and then the pain would just sort woosh over me.
    I would get scared about the pain getting worse so I took ativan
    I can not take any anti depressents-they make me anxious. I tried them all.
    One time I started getting anxious and I thought "okay, I'm going to try meditating first before taking the ativan.
    And I just layed there counting my breaths. 1234 and started over again. What I realized is that I was anxious because I thought I wasn't doing enough, being productive, finding a cure etc., etc.. And I said WAIT A MINUTE. This is bull@#$^%! I'm doing alot for myself. I really should be kinder to myself for all that I do in taking care of myself,and the anxiety went away! For me it is sometimes the perfectionist, or critic just rearing it's ugly head.
    Don't know if this helps. But there is a great workbook that I have used for years for anxiety.
    It tells us what loving parents should have all along. It really helps me put things in perspective.
    I can give you the name if you like. Sorry so long winded.
  5. Shazzy

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    Just wanted to say anxiety and panic attacks are vile. I have them every day. Fatigue and dizzines set them off and then they cause me more fatigue and dizziness.
    I have no other reason to get them but the worry of living this illness.

  6. lease79

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    Panic/Anxiety attacks are horrid & I have suffered with them greatly over the last year.
    The cfs/fms has been worse & I am SURE it triggers some of the attacks :(
    I think too much :(

  7. idiotsinc

    idiotsinc New Member

    Your flares probably come from the start of the anxiety or panic attacks. You get less deep sleep which leads to the muscle pain. I take buspar for my anxiety which has few side effects and is inexpensive (as a generic). The only problem is it takes about 3 weeks to really start working and, at least in my case, almost 3 months to really hit full stride. Another med that can help is clonidine.