Anxiety - what med to take?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carla, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Carla

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    What is the best medication for anxiety? I am sure it depends on the individual and their system. I have suffered from anxiety for 5 years now, and am looking into what options there are to treat it. I had been on Celexa, and my doc. told me that it was supposed to help, but I am not so sure that it helped that much. I changed to Wellbutrin for the antidepressant effect recently. And my anxiety is flaring bad. Any suggestions? Carla
  2. karen55

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    I take Paxil for panic attacks and it works really well for me. Maybe you could try that one.

  3. mariac2000

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    First, though, I would talk to you doctor. I have taken xanax, but it can make you tired, and may be addictive. SSRI antidepressents work also, especially Paxil, but it also has side effects. Right now I take Klonopin which is actually a anti-convulsive drug, but it works for anxiety. It makes some people tired, but not me. Herbal remedies and supplements include Kava, Calms Forte, and my favorite Chamomile. They are a lot of other herbal mixes that you can look into.
    Don't worry (no pun intended), something will work.
    Psycotherapy is another way to go, but has not worked for me. Good luck. Stress management seems to be the key to getting the whole Fibro thing to at least start getting better.

    Take Care,
  4. jofla

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    Hi Carla, sorry that you are suffering from anxiety. I suffer from panic attacks and they are awful. I have been on .5mg of xanax for 2 years now and they work for me. I have not had to up the dose and sometimes even take 1/2 of that unless i am having a full fledged panic attack. Doc just gave me script for Lexapro which is a new antidepresant and is supposed to work wonders for panic attacks. Since I am allergic to most meds I have not tried it yet. Thank goodness I am not allergic to xanax, I do not know what I would do then. I wish there was something that I could take for the pain of fibro. Talk to your doc.
    I hope you find something that works for you. Good Luck!

  5. Betsy2

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    When I was going through a stressful divorce my psychiatrist prescribed Celexa for anxiety attacks. I hope and pray I never have those ever again.
  6. Mikie

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    The Klonopin has all but stopped the anxiety/panic attacks. It also has greatly diminished the sensory overload and tinnitus, and has allowed me to sleep.

    SSRI antidepressants can actually aggravate the problem long term and, according to Dr. Cheney, damage the brain. He says that allowing the seizure state to continue long term also damages the brain.

    Read his articles in our library on Klonopin and SSRI's and Stimulants. The article on Klonopin is very good at explaining why we can't sleep and have sensory overload, anxiety, and RLS.

    Love, Mikie
  7. catgal

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    Hi Carla~~Have you had your "type" of anxiety diagnosed by a therapist/mental health professional? As a therapist, I see many clients who suffer from anxiety and dreadful panic attacks. However, before prescribing a medication, I believe it is essential to determine what type of anxiety a person is suffering from.

    Anxiety is a fear-based disorder unless it is induced by a physical/medical problem. Anti-anxiety meds simply medicate the problem, but do not resolve it. Finding the "cause" of the anxiety and working through it will eliminate the anxiety. Many of my clients suffer from undiagnosed PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) caused by a tramatic event or events in their lives {physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal/psychological/emotional abuse, abandonment, deaths, serious accidents, etc}, and "generalized anxiety" and panic attacks are a marked characteristic of this disorder among many other symptoms.

    First I have the client get a good physical examination to rule out any biophysical causes of the anxiety (for anxiety often accompanies some health problems such as FM). If no physical findings are at fault, I get a diagnosis of what type of anxiety they are suffering from; from that I prescribe an anti-anxiety med that best suits that type of anxiety they have, and this treatment is concurrent with therapy sessions to get to the underlying cause of the anxiety, and thus, resolve it.

    Unless the anxiety is caused by physical problems, I do not like to keep my clients on anti-anxiety meds any longer than necessary because it is easier for them to take a pill to medicate the "symptoms" than it is to make the effort to work through what is causing the anxiety. Depending on the med, they can also become psychologically and/or physically dependent on the anti-anxiety medication rather than resolving the problem.

    Of the SSRI's, Paxil is probably the most often prescribed for anxiety and panic disorders. When other anti-anxiety meds such as valium, xanax, klonopin, etc. are prescribed over a long period of time, there is the potential for abuse and/or addiction.

    I would encourage you to get the type of your anxiety diagnosed by a mental health professional so that the proper anti-anxiety med can be prescribed concurrent with therapy to get to the cause of the anxiety and resolve it.

    If your anxiety is caused from a physical illness such as FM or other medical conditions, then a different approach would be required, and klonopin or xanax is often prescribed for this type of anxiety.

    I know how miserable anxiety and anxiety attacks can be regardless of the cause, and I hope you get relief soon. Blessings to you, Carol...