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  1. kwsmom

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    Even before being diagnosed with FM 5 years ago I was having problems with anxiety. Recently the panic attacks have gotten much worse. Pain Dr. says she doesn't want me to be on Xanax because it is so addictive. Is there any other med's that can help with anxiety without being so addictive? I have a Dr. appt tomorrow. Thanks for any help
  2. PVLady

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    Well gee, your doctor needs to at least try something. I get so aggravated. It is true, the drugs for anxiety can turn around to be your worst nightmare. Once you take it, yes it does stop the panic and anxiety but it comes back and eventually you can develop a tolerance to your meds.

    When you have tolerance you have to take more to get the same effect. I know doctors see this in their patients and don't want to put you through it I guess.

    There are many here who use Xanax and do fine. I will tell you what stopped my anxiety - I had a terrible problem with sleep.

    The doctor gave me Restoril which is in the family of Xanax. The next day it was amazing how my anxiety was reduced.

    There is also another thing I did which helped. It is called EFT. You can read about it on the internet. They have a free 79 page manual you can download. It is a combination of accupressure and special affirmations.

    If nothing else, it is interesting, but it did help me.
  3. kwsmom

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    Thank you for your reply. I do take Ambien for sleep problems and I have severe apnea. The anxiety does seem worse when I am not sleeping well which I have not been. I am going to ask the Dr. tomorrow if there is not something we can try. Thanks again
  4. baanders

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    Clonidine (with Compazine for severe panic)
    Chloral Hydrate liquid for emergencies
    Seroquel for insomnia/anxiety
    Phenergan for severe anxiety

    Clonidine, compazine and phenergan are not addictive

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  5. hensue

    hensue New Member

    if a small dosage that would interfere with your daily life but help the anxiety and panic. I dont understand
    i take valuim have taking probably for 15 years only to sleep or if i am hurting so bad that i am ready to jump in a river
    if i had not taken it last night twice i would still be in terrible pain but it help me sleep and i feel a whole lot better than yesterday
  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    If it wasn't for xanax I would be housebound. Xanax is a good medicine with a bad reputation.

    I have had anxiety/panic for years and since CFS it is maginified, not sure why ,I too have mild depression.

    The doc tried me on many antidepressants for anxiety, didn't help because I could not tolerate the side effects.

    I spent many a miserable years because I was denied this medicine. Finally I saw a PA he put me on Ativan which is also good for anxiety/panic. Later, I went to a psych and when he ran the course of antidepressants that I couldn't take he prescirbed xanax.

    I was on it for about 3 years everyday this was before the CFS/Fm then gradually got to feeling better (I had a life)
    I would forget to take a dose, then would forget another and not sure how long before I wasn't taking any, had no trouble what so ever stopping them.

    Then when the CFS came that is the first medicine I was given and have been on it ever since. I would be housebound without it. It also helps with sleep and my body aches, weird head feelings, not like it once did but I have never increased my doseage which is .25 four times a day.

    I think doctors listen to drug reps and they push antidepressants, I have know antidepressants help a lot of those with anxiety but they were given an anti-anxiety med to go with it at first.

    Klonopin and Ativan are suppose to be good for anxiety.

    Good luck tomorrow , try to reason with you doctor to give you something there is no need to suffer when there are meds for it.

    God Bless,
  7. gongee

    gongee New Member

    I can so relate to greatgran. If it was not for Xanax, I would be housebound, just as I was before beginning Xanax.

    Yes, my dose is much higher than I would like it 3.50mg to 3.75mg per day broken up into 5 doses. I wrestled with myself so many years and didn't want to take even enough of it to take the edge off. It was a wonderful lady psychiatrist that I began seeing that took the time to not only explain what the anxiety and panic was doing to my entire body, but also cared enough about me, to help me start out slowly until I reached a dose that helped. She is still working with me as I still have breakthrough anxiety at times and wants me to be comfortable enough to not be afraid to take extra if I need it.

    I am well aware that there is a tolerance builted up and I in no way could go off of this cold turkey, but even with anti-depressants you have to wean off. I just know that I tried every anti-depressant on the market but they only esalated the anxiety problem. So as of this time, I have no intention of stopping the Xanax and may never will, but at least I can go out of my house, talk to people, go to the store, church, etc and I am thankful this drug was available to me.
  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I was recently prescribed Klonapin. I'm not exactly sure why to tell you the truth. (long story) Anyway, I had a super bad day last week, on the bathroom floor sobbing for over 30 minutes, just a mess. I took a shower, cried all the way through it, came downstairs and took 1/2 of a Klonapin. Oh thank goodness I had it. It totally took the edge off the anxiety I was feeling.

    I was able to relax, stop crying, even took a little nap. I am very grateful that I had it. I certainly don't want to die, but I certainly didn't want to live, not like I was (pain, anxiety etc.) I've never really had anything like that. I did have Xanax twice in my life - it knocked me out.

    Truthfully, and I know everyone worries about different things, although addiction may be a possibility, I am one that thinks, if you need it, take it. It's not like we take these meds to for the heck of it.

    To answer your questions - Klonapin isn't supposed to be as addictive as Xanax.
    Good Luck w/your appt. Let us know how it goes!!

  9. hensue

    hensue New Member

    That at night and breakthrough pain is the only way i have survived with wellbutrin sr 150 twice one in the morning and one around 2pm.
    The drs. get their license yank to easy now if they give out meds like these like candy. The pain dr told me about a lady who totally almost lost her memory from taking klonopin all the time. So everything is regulated for a reason. I would rather know all the side affects. So if i spill some or lose some or take to many. Tough!
    So i am very careful and gaurd it with my life.
    To expensive anyway the generic does not work a lot of the fillers are not the same. I do not get the same results with generics.
  10. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I took up to 4 mg. in the early days (>20 years ago) but now 1mg to 2mg do the trick. Your dose is not out of line. Not that you thought it was :~)

    The larger initial doses really helped me to desensitize and learn how not to be fearful. Once I had crossed that bridge, I found that I wanted to lower my dose even though I was not asked to do so. I did it at my own speed, slowly, until I found my optimum dose.

    I'm glad you have a smart doc. working with you.

    Peace out,

  11. gongee

    gongee New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. I just did a dumb thing, even though I knew wasn't right but because of someone saying how addictive Xanax was and I shouldn't be taking (not here on the forum but a family member).

    I decided I needed to cut back slowly. It probably would not have been a problem if I hadn't just gotten a cortisone shot that always sends my panic and anxiety into a tail spin. For two days, I had been wondering why I was so anxious until I called my wonderful doctor and explained the circumstances.

    God love her soul, she was so kind and good as she explained cortisone taken in any form by anyone hypes up a person. Most people it doesn't bother, but people with anxiety and panic disorder, it can send them spiriling.
    So no more listening to other lay people, only my doctor and myself. Now I am back to my regular dose and here to stay until I know the time is right to cut back and if that time doesn't come, so be it.

    And yes, I am very fortunate to have found this doctor.
    She has not only helped me with anxiety and panic but has done everything in her power to help with the fibro. She has ordered tests herself that other doctors wouldn't, called me at 10 pm to make sure I was dong ok and even called one of her fellow physicians at the Mayo Clinic to find out the proper amount of magnesium and best kind to take to help with my muscle spasms. No one could ever take her place and I have told her that she can never retire.

    Thanks again for your post.


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