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    I know this question may sound stupid, but can you guys tell me what you feel like when you get an anxiety attack.. I sometimes think its just me and, it is all something I imagine the side effects from meds the pain. The anxiety is something that just came up in January and it seems like I can't get a grip on controlling it. Now that is funny! control with this dd..
    Thanks MjBean
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    I have General Anxiety Disorder. Have had this almost all myadult life. I'm 63 yrs. so I have some experience in this area.

    Every anxiety attack I've ever had has been a gripping feeling of intense fear. Panicky feelings, with racing heartbeat, and fear that something terrible is happening to me. Fear of losing control. Fear that I'm dying.

    I've gone to the emergency room several times because the anxiety was so bad.

    I've taken medicine for my anxiety disorder most of my life, however I don't take anything at the present time.

    If you think you may have an Anxiety Disorder such as this, may I suggest that you get a psychiatric evaluation to get a diagnosis. There is lots of good treatment for this nowadays. You don't need to suffer with this.

    How old are you, mayI ask? Hon, my heart goes out to you. Anxiety attacks are pure ----!

    Hugs! Fay
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    I have had these off and on over the years but were sporadic
    so didn't seek treatment till last month.

    My panic attacks make my heart race, feel faint, can't breathe,
    hands are shaking and feel like I'm losing control or like I'm going to die.

    My doctor has given me a prescription for xanax but he only wants me to
    take if I need it.

    He doesn't want me to take it daily. grrr

    I tried it 2 times this week and even just taking 1/2 the dose helped me
    relax tremdously, but I could still function which was good. And I felt
    normal except relaxed and no worries.

    I just saw my doctor last week but I'm supposed to call and let him know
    how I did on the xanax and I'm thinking strongly of having him write me a
    prescription for something similar that I can take daily.

    My husband keeps telling me I need to relax but it doesn't work for
    me! I've tried.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you do.
    Gentle hugs, Pansy
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    Hi Glen. I haven't been on the boards in ages, but I had to respond to your post. How I can relate. I was living with Fibro for 9 years and coping ok. Then wham! Last Oct. I got hit with the dysautonomia. Horrid. Worse than fibro in my opinion. Along with blood pressure swings, tachycardia and gastroparesis I'm totally anxious. But I think it's from too much adrenaline coursing through our bodies.

    I feel so bad for you since I know exactly what you are going through..

    If you want to PM me I can give you the name of a great message board for people with dysautonomia.


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    is geared exactly for this sort of problem. has been and is being used with vets with PTSD. i recommend it highly. lots of information about it online. go to for info. i am using it--have had anxiety attacks in the past, and they are terrifying. i now use EFT for issues that come up; i'm gradually working through past traumas. i hope you will want to check it out- it's an amazing tool. Sascha *Gary Craig is the originator; Dr. Mercola is doing an online seminar on it right now- today is the third of, i think, nine days of two hours a day presentations.