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  1. linern

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    Does anyone else suffer from Anxiety disorder? I have these terrible bouts of anxiety and
    I feel at times like I am going to explode. I try listening to music, the computer,
    relaxation tapes - but nothing seems to help. It is like your chest is about to explode
    and your thoughts are racing, you can't sleep properly, pace a lot, just have a hard time
    to relax. How do you handle it?
  2. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    I been suffering with anxiety disorder since high school, but it really got bad back in 1987 - I see a shrink/therapist on a regular basis....

    Do you do any excersing, they tell me that helps, it is hard for me to do actual excercising every day due to other health problems.....

    Would you consider a mild tranquilzer........

    Did you ever try some of the newer teas that are out there.....
    Personally, even though I take medication, when I get real bad, I drink warm milk w/honey and it does help me some...

    I do understand how you feel, and it sure isn't any walk in the park.......

    Take wishes......Donna
  3. linern

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    Donna - thanks so much for responding -- your suggestions on treating anxiety were excellent.
    I will try them. The idea that you are dealing with so much and took the time to respond is so nice and I appreciate it. We all have crosses to bear in life and for me - my faith gets me through them more than the medication. I will pray for you too - and thanks again for your response. Linda.
  4. helpeachother

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    Hi linern, I think This is the right spelling for this great prescription that really takes the edge off, and then you can do more for yourself. You might ask your Doc. Peace,