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    I have been dealing with Anxiety for such a long time and have no idea how to control them or make them go away! :(
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    Hello Verolinia123. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1996 and the pain I can cope with, but the fatigue and anxiety are something else! Today I have made an appointment, privately, with a psychiatrist who will help with both the fatigue and anxiety, and in turn refer me on to a consultant who will work on pain. I will let you know how I get on.
  3. I have tried acupuncture to help with anxiety . I found that works along with relax oriental apps on my cell.i try to figure what triggered my anxiety and try to make sense of the why A lot of my stress can be dealt with and talking it out with someone helps too. I also take a Vit B complex time released anti stress It's vitamins your body needs and get rid of what you don't need .i take it for a few days then I'm good but life if not without stress it's all in how we chose to deal with it .
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    At bedtime, write each of your worries on a small piece of paper, then put them away in a box and put a lid on it.
    Try the anxiety course offered as a download online by Charles Linden in UK.
    Do the Body Scan, and the Mountain, meditation CD's by Jon Kabat Zinn.
    Check out the free meditations on the web site of Tara Brach.
    Get some anxiety meds from your doctor.
    Keep a daily journal where you write about whatever is worrying you, and a possible solution to follow up on.
    Rest on a regular basis; this is not a time to worry but to listen to relaxing music or whatever does relax you.
    Get a massage if you can afford one and if this is relaxing.
    Buy a little journal with a pretty cover and write affirmations in it (any sayings that give you joy, courage.)
    At night, mentally list/think about five things that you are grateful for that day; they can be large or small.
    If you have a faith of any kind, think about what it means to surrender yourself to a higher power, and then trust and let go with faith that you will lead on your path forward.
    Think about what it means to truly love and cherish yourself in life (try the book by Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance).
    Learn deep breathing.
    Try EFT.
    Accept that anxiety might always be with you -- but you can learn coping skills. It does not have to control you.
    Use distractions to keep your mind occupied with things that are fun, relaxing.
    Learn to recognize anxiety triggers so you can avoid them, and learn to recognize early signs of anxiety in your body so you can take action before your anxiety spirals higher.

    You are not alone with this problem and there are many options that people have tried and found helpful...I hope you can find some too!
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