any advice for stroke?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, May 11, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I just wonder if anyone has experinced a mini stroke, they think my husband had one and the ins company is trying to deny a cat scan for tommorow. I"m really stressed out about this I"ve been on the phone most of the day.
    I just need some advice and wondered if anyone has been through this, I want to get the best and most aggressive treatment I can get for him, because i do know his chances a great for having another. if anyone has ideas please let me know. hugs sixtyslady
  2. MamaR

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    I am not sure, but would think that your husband's doc should push this.

    The insurance company should permit if doctor orders tests.

    Maybe if you push the doc to do something. He could call insurance company!

    Wishing you the very best in this. I am so sorry that you are having this problem.

    Love, Mari
  3. Cromwell

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    If they think he has had a stroke then they have no rights to deny a cat scan, though would an MRI be better?

    The doctor should talk with the insurers.

    Very sorry about this.

    Love Anne C
  4. Marta608

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    .... but please take care of yourself. I know you're concerned about your husband but he needs you to be as strong as you can.

  5. sixtyslady

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    please say
    a prayer for us. my husband can"t have a MRI because when he was burned over 50% of his body they used staples in plastic surgey and he still has some in him.
    the nurse finally got the Ins to O.K. it. I"m alright until I go to bed and then I just cry.
    everything bothers me anyhow since I"ve had this last flare, started in jan, I was just starting to feel like I may be getting alittle stronger. I"m just scared , I mean all the time, I can"t seem to get rid of this scared feeling like the world is about to fall all apart and theres nothing I can do about it.
    I lay in bed at night and hug my bible. then when I wake up I pray, I don"t want to let him see how scared I really am. Please understand, I can"t hardly write to the board any more, but I"m so thankful for all of you guys ,and I pray that we get some good news soon well keep you posted.hugs sixtyslady
  6. lovethesun

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    It may seem like mundane advice but be sure he gets that aspirin a day.If it turns full fledged it will help somewhat.

    When my husband had his stroke it looked pretty bad,but he was lucid.Now you can't even tell.He is back to playing guitar.Hang in there.Linda
  7. mme_curie68

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    A mini-stroke or TIA (which stands for Transient Ischemic Attack) occurs when a temporary blockage of blood flow occurs in the brain that prevents oxygen from getting to that tissue.

    Stroke-like symptoms (facial drooping, hemi-paresis (one side of the body is weaker than the other), and difficulty speaking or finding the right word are temporary.

    But you are right, that once TIAs start they can continue, and may lead to disabling stroke even with agressive treatment.

    The problem is that arteriosclerosis - hardening and narrowing of the arteries, and the plaque build up causes cumulative damage.

    The best treatments to date are blood thinners like Warfarin that keep the blood flowing through narrowed passages and drugs like Plavix, that keep the platelets from sticking together into the clots that can cause strokes.

    Rapid intervention is also important. The most cutting edge clot-buster, called tPA, tissue Plasminogen Activator, is most effective if administered within the first three hours of symptom onset.

    Rapid transport to the Emergency Room and high-concentration oxygen will help support a patient. When it comes to any kind of blockage, time is tissue.

    The brain is an extremely resilient organ. Small areas of damage can be "worked around" by healthy brain cells and take up function of their damaged counterparts.

    The most dangerous area in the brain for stroke is the brain stem since that controls basic life support functions - breathing, heart rate, etc.

    I pray all the best for your husband and for strength for you in this most difficult time.

    Madame Curie

  8. lucky

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    I had a mini stroke last October and was in hospital for 3 days with it. It is most important that one gets treatment and proper care right away. What were your husband's symptoms when he had his mini stroke? Most important is a brain scan to see where the damage has been done to allow for proper meds, i.e. Plavix, may be high blood pressure meds or even cholesterol meds. In my case I had to take all 3 of them just as a precaution and am still on Zocor and low dosage of high blood pressure med. Instead of Plavix the neurologist who treated me put me on only 82 mg of aspirin a day since my blood clot had dissolved in my artery. I am sure that without proper care this would not have happened that fast. So, try to really put pressure on the insurance people, it is so vital to have it checked out.

    Hope you are successful in getting your husband a scan as soon as possible. Good Luck

    All the best, Lucky
  9. sixtyslady

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    he goes in tomorrow at 11;00, finally got the ok. will keep you posted probably won"t know until sat.he'symtoms was a really bad head ache, hes tongue feels numb and his throat feels alittle funny.but this runs in is family so we need to really need to keep on the DRs about this. Hes Dr was not in his office today he was sick. so may have to take the Dr on call. thanks again sixtyslady
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    How is every thing going? what have the doc's said? be sure he takes one baby aspirin a day. and be sure to document any behaviors that aren't his normal behaviors..When you have questions, please call the ER. and your doc. don't wait you said get the best care you can..If you have a rehab hospital in the area, call them and ask alot of questions..

    I just love the picture of your horse..can almost hear the hoofbeats.