Any advice on going on disability?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by earthdog2000, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Hi all,
    I'm pretty new to this board, only a little over 2 weeks I think? I have only posted a few topics but have responded to many. I have already learned so much from you guys and am sooooooooo happy to have found you!
    Anywho, here's the thing, I am seriously thinking of going on disability if I don't get well enough after my summer break ( off for 4 weeks ) and don't have a clue how to start.

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have heard from a few people I know who have debilitating health issues that it can take up to 2 years!! I live in Nevada and let me tell you our system here sucks esp. regarding taking care of it's own.
    Thanks and gentle fibro hugs to all, Julie
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    If you don't already have one, find a doctor who will support you and back you throughout the disability process. My doctor wrote an excellent 3-page letter detailing the severity of my illness and describing the symptoms of CFIDS and FMS, her treatment plan, my failure to respond positively to many medications and treatments, how difficult my life has become, etc., etc.

    It helps to have a paper trail that shows that you have been treated by a doctor/s and had lab work, prescriptions, etc.

    I had a lawyer and I had to appeal, but some people get approved on the first try.

    Do research on the web and also do a search on this message board under "Disability".

    I'm sure others will have more suggestions.

    Good luck to you and don't get discouraged.

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    Have you been eligible for State Disability or workman's comp?? I think many of us on this website have had experience with applying for disability. Could you let us know a little more about your situation so that we can better make suggestions?? Happy to help if we can!
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    Top left hand side of screen is a search function. Type in "Am I really disabled" and search .....I had asked similar questions a short while ago and had some really good posts on there along with several references to review. Info from others was very helpful.... Also I'm not sure, but if you click on my name to the left here and scroll down, I think it will probably show you the link under my posts history...
    Good luck!! I wish you the best if that is what you decide to do. I may be joining you shortly on this journey. I'm still researching.
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    Mrs. Jethro,

    Thanks for the advice and I will definetely do that search. I'm pretty new here and blond,lol so i'ts taken me awhile just to figure out how this board works esp. with fibro-fog!!

    I have'nt even checked into disability yet just wondered how to do it. I just went back to boards and looked into the disability area so hopefully I can figure it out!

    Gentle fibro-hugs to all, Julie

  7. earthdog2000

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  8. mrdad

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    Julie, don't be concerned about intelligence and being blond. I dated a "RED HEAD" some years ago who thought that a "serial killer" was someone who could finish a whole box of corn flakes at one sitting!!
    We old guys learned a long time ago the "Blonds have more fun" MRDAD
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