Any advice on which Laptop to buy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by livin4him, May 25, 2006.

  1. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    My fatigue, dizziness, etc. has gotten to where it is hard to sit at my desk to work on computer unless I have my legs elevated. So, I am thinking of getting a recliner to use in my computer. Ha/ha I mean, laptop to use in my recliner. We are brainfogged aren't we.

    Okay, any advice on laptops? Not sure which one I should buy. Also, has anyone bought one from ebay with any luck?

    Thanks to anyone who replies.
  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I forgot to mention, also I really like the keyboard on the IBM.

    I've had very good luck with IBM laptops. I have a small business and over ten years have purchased seven IBM Thinkpad laptops.

    All of them of still fine, no problems and excellent customer support.

    You can buy them direct from IBM online at "Lenovo", to see specs - also phone consults. Or do a google search for IBM Laptops and Lenovo will come up.

    They are always running specials. I prefer to order direct from IBM, not resellers.

    (You can also lease or make payments to purchase through IBM).

    Look into getting a wireless router in your house (very easy) - you can then use your laptop anywhere without plugging in the phone line. I believe you will need whats called EVDO on the computer. Whatever computer you wind up purchasing, you can ask about this.

    It makes it so convenient to use your laptop.
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  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    My husband just bought a laptop for me for Mother's Day. But my son helped him pick out a MacBook Pro laptop and they are pretty expensive. I like Macs and use a desktop most of the time.

    I have heard that HP are good laptops. I did have a bad experience with a Dell about 4 years ago and they sent me a problematic laptop and wouldn't take it back after 4 days. It ended up in the trash in about 2 years. So I can't recommend a Dell, but I'm sure others have them that they like.

    I'd be very leery of buying one from eBay, though. I am a member of eBay and only bought one thing from the site and that was a DVD.

    Good luck finding a laptop. I can't use them on my lap and type on them. I have a generic Table Mate I have it on downstairs, and I like to use a mouse with it too. lol

  4. tinypillar

    tinypillar New Member

    I love Apple portables. I am still using an iBook I purchased 4 years ago, and have had no problems. The new MacBooks are really nice. The Apple portables tend to be more expensive but the tech support is great. If you are a student or have any kids that are, you can get an education discount.

    I have also had good experiences with Dell portables, and I found their tech support to be good as well.

    I haven't used any other brand so I can't recommend any others.
  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I am on my second PC.........hubby on his second laptop. First was he has a Dell that he likes so much more.
    When we travel (rare 'cause of me") he puts a mouse on it for me. Nice to check in every so often.

    Anyhow...he got extended warranty.we do not buy the extras, or rarely. But this can pay for itself.

    Not to long ago he left his laptop at home because of loose keys and a couple came off. He asked me to take care of it. I called Dell's.....they said they would send out replacement parts, no cost to us in any way.....

    Said it was easy to do.I said that for most it might be, but that I have hand problems (true) and a faulty thinking process because of a handicap type illness. (I was afraid I might not be able to do it and if I did I might caus more harm....)

    Before I could finish that sentence.he said, "No problem Mam, we will send someone right out to fix it for you. No charge what so ever. That is our policy for the handicap".

    It sometimes pays to be honest (illness and thinking). I was so awed by the way they handled it.

    With that policy, I reccomend Dell......
    Good Luck....Susan
  6. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    thank you so much for all your replies. It is so helpful to hear from everyone here with their experiences.

    I am in the research part right now, so this really helps.
  7. place

    place New Member

    I have both PC and Mac/apple laptops (I'm a closet computer geek), and my windows based laptop crashes and does all this funky stuff (I am going to take it in for repair) and it is only 1 year old!

    I have had my Mac ibook for 5 years and no problems what so ever. I have even droped it several times!

    Plus, Mac's do not get virus as much!

    I know I sound like a sales man for mac, it's just I am so frustrated with Windows based computers.

    The right computer is the one that will be the one your most comfortable with.

    Good luck!
  8. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I can only speak for what I have experienced and my desktop is a HP and my mother is still using it and was purchased in 1999. My desktop, HP, still working, the one I'm on now, and have had since 2001. My laptop is a Compaq and have used it for 1 year, was new and no problems. However, as SUES1 said, on the laptops, I would definitely get the extended warranty. It will definitely save you money as my stepfather had one and had problems iin the monitor which is the MOST expensive part, don't remember what kind. Anyway, something happened to it and was less expensive to purchase a new one rather than get that one repaired. My friend has Dell desktop and has had many problems with hers.

    Sorry for long winded but wanted to give all information.

    Good Luck in whatever you choose but choose carefully,

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  9. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    but I don't have any problems with it.Linda
  10. deb06

    deb06 New Member

    I love my dell laptop. Use it in my recliner- way too many hours today. Deb
  11. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I was able to get a discount through them because of school.

    I chose Dell as I have worked with the other types out there and had trouble with them. I would love a Mac BUT since I am working with such deeply PC based programs to be on the safe side I stuck with a PC.

    I have rewriteable DVD drive and I have yet to use it yet LOL. I need to use it to make sure that works. I have the ability to watch TV on here and I have yet to use that either. I mainly watch a lot of movies on it and do my schoolwork.

    I would suggest looking at or, or Consumer Reports to look at the comparative laptops out there. I used Consumer Reports as well in picking out my computer.

    I did look at Ebay to purchase a laptop and I have had people tell me that they purchase a laptop with no problems BUT for me knowing my luck something bad would probably happen. So I rather go with a dealer and if I have trouble I would be able to easily send it back.

    I wanted the computer to have wireless capabilities which a lot of laptops automatically have anyway. So I have that and my connections are wireless, and I have wireless capabilities with my printer too.

    Dell has been extremely helpful with their services that they provide.
  12. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    My hubby is a techie-nerd extroidinaire...

    For our 10th wedding anniversary he gave me a Gateway MX6440 and a wireless router - I can be anywhere in the house including in bed and still be "connected". He got mine at BestBuy.

    I need Internet access, e-mail, Word and Excel. That's it. Everything else (which I am sure he researched exhaustively - he always does)is wasted on me. I also have a DVD Rom/R/RW drive that I haven't used yet either - LOL! Haven't had any problems. He did get the extended warranty also.

    Madame Curie
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  13. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    My son loaned me the money and helped me pick out a laptop. I wonder how I ever got along without it. It is a Toshiba and cost about 800 dollars.
    A bit much but has network built in so can take it anywhere around the house and also outside.

    It also records CDs, DVDs which I wanted as then I can record directly from my yamaha clavinova, a music project I am working on when lack of pain and clarity of thinking permit.

    When the weather is nice I love to take it outside on the porch swing and watch DVDs on it.

    It is lightweight and the lower priced ones just were not capable of doing the things I wanted to do. Well worth the cost, and yes I did pay him back finally. He was so nice to accept my minimal payments. LOL

    There is also a new keyboard which is supposed to help people type that have pain problems with less pain. It is call the Typematrix keyboard and you can plug it into your laptop and do some really serious typing, like that book we have always been meaning to write!

    Hope you find a laptop that gives you as much joy as mine has.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Both my PC and laptop are Compaqs, which are the same as HP. My kids just got an Apple notebook laptop and love it. One thing I think is crucial. My Compaq has a tiny reset hole on the back. If one gets a virus which erases a crucial sector of the hard drive and leaves the system believing that no hard drive exists, there is one way which can fix the problem. One has to poke the end of a paper clip into the hole to reset it or open it up and replace the tiny battery on the motherboard. Poking the reset is sooooooooo much easier than taking the laptop apart and getting at the motherboard. I've looked at other laptops and many do not have this reset feature. I recently suffered the worst kind of virus because my Norton had expired. Poking the reset fixed it. This info comes from a professor of computer science here at the local univ.

    Apple computers are not nearly as vulnerable as others.

    If you don't want to spend the money on an Apple, I highly recommend the Compaq/HP.

    Love, Mikie
  15. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    You will love it for saving pictures.No more paying for the disc.It is really easy

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