Any advice please?

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    Hi all,
    Ive been diagnosed with Cfs+Fibro for 7yrs now.
    Last wk mydoc told me people with Cfs recover,he probably
    hoped that would make me feel bit better.
    It didnt because after 7yrs of seriously nasty pain,allergies,aching etc.,ive had enough now.
    Ive always been really positive & said ill never let this DD beat me,ill beat it.
    I still say that but my daughter is on easter hols at moment & ive had enough.
    all i get is "im bored Mum","its not fair Mum",etc.etc.
    Im at the end of my tether & wish i could go away for a few days on my own to escape from it all.
    Im bored aswell i tell her,im also sick & tired of being in pain alll the time.
    And sick of my neighbours blasting me out all time with their awful music.
    I cant take it anymore,my doc put me on new anti-deps 2 weeks ago,he reckons the new ones might be better for me.
    I have 4 cats & everyday im finding it harder & harder to look after them,they make a mess,cost me £15.00 per week,moan moan.
    Sorry its a bit long but ive no one else to moan to,no one who understands anyway!
    Any advice greatfully received.
    sharon dawber
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    hmm let me think about it
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    Hi Sharon.

    It's probably worse for you because everybody is relying on you to cope for them. You can't do much about the cats, unless you decide to rehome them, but you could threaten to do so unless DH or DD takes care of them.

    On a good day, why not make a list of the things you want to say to them, then write/email a round robin note saying what you need ? Send them love and kisses, because telling them the brutal truth is going to hurt.

    Book yourself a weekend in a retreat or spa, tell DH you're looking after yourself because he can't do it all the time. And go. Take a big book, pick up all the glam mags you can pinch, and let someone else take the strain.

    Sometimes it's necessary to splurge. I booked next weekend away while I was out of work. Couldn't afford it, mouth forgotten where my hands were, but it'll do me so much good, even if I'm exhausted from the drive there and back.

    Or if you really feel you can't do that, take a sickie (if you're not entitled, who is?), go back to bed until the family are out of the house, feed the cats so they don't bother you, and take a long, hot bath with your favourite bath salts, candles (how indulgent is that when the sun's shining!), and the radio.

    Or, just throw a wobbly with the china at DH and DD. They'll get the message real soon with the first piece of broken china. And you'll get to replace that nasty ornament you were given that you never liked by something that you do like <g>

    Hope this helps

    Softest hugs

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    You did not say how old your daughter is? Maybe she could plan things with friends or friends with adults along for the entertainment if she is too young to go with just her friends. That would give you some much needed rest without the nagging!

    As for the cat's, well I am a big animal lovers (have five dogs), I take care of their food and water at 2pm each day, then get the mail, and put out the trash all at this time of day. Its made it much easier for me to have a special time for them and the chores that are outdoors too. I am relieve of this work for the rest of the day.

    As for those noisy neighbors, I can't relate there, I am on five acres of very peaceful land! Thank the Lord, I would really flip out if I had to listen to the 'latest' noise that is considered 'music' these days, that would be like being in a torture chamber for me! I hate this noise the young people call 'music' right now.

    Could you tell them that you are ill, and could they tone it down some? I know some people are just plain ignorant when it comes to their lifestyles and that awful music.

    I sure hope you get some resolutions to your problems, as stress is not helping you at all.

    Take care..............

    Shalom, Shirl