Any alternatives to drugs for seizures please?

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  1. SkyShadow

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    My partner is experiencing seizures with the FM but because he is hypersensitive to most medications and my research shows that the anti convulsant drugs all seem to have very adverse side effects we are trying to find alternative ways of reducing the frequency and severity of the seizures. Does anyone know of foods or other non drug applications that help with this. Also has anyone else managed this aspect of FM without drugs and if so how long did the acute phase last before they eased off?
    Any advice would be appreciated please?
    And thanks to those who responded to my previous posts - you gave me some very useful info.
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  2. Jen F

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    The Nature of Things was just discussing medicinal marijuana yesterday I think it was on TV and one family used it to help their teenager with his seizures. The drugs were not doing the trick but marijuana in [heated?]soy milk eradicated most of his seizures.

    There are centers in some areas that grow organic marijuana and will distribute to those who have proof of medical conditions or a prescrip for pot.

    But, i know in the past I have also seen dietary recommendations for seizures. Try doing an internet search.

    Good luck.

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    i would be interested as well as i have a friend staying with me who has started to have seizures.
    i have read that taurine can help to stop seizures.
    does any one know if this is a good idea to try ?

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    I have a seizure disorder that was out of control for years, I finally have found a protocol that works with me to stop my seizures and doesn't aggravate my FM, many other people I know with seizures have been put on a diet protocol that was created by a physician at john Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD. You may want to access them directly or contact the National Epilepsy Foundation, I beleive they are now located in either Arlington or Alexandria VA they used to be in DC. One medication that I know some people and particulartly children have had success with is Lamicatil (sp). I hope this info is helpful and your friend finds appropriate treatment.
    Good luck keep us posted.

  5. Mikie

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    Yes, changes to diet can help with this, but I doubt it would be enough to stop seizures. MSG, Neutrosweet (aspertame), other artificial sweetners, artificial colors, and artificial flavors in processed foods can all cause increased seizure activity. Preservatives in processed foods are also suspect.

    Eating a good diet, very low in carbs, with lots of fresh produce can usually help with symptoms. Many here do much better on the Atkins or SomerSize diets.

    Love, Mikie