any answers for pain!!

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    Help. I have pain all over today. I have fibro in my arms,neck and legs. I have tried a hot bath and heating pad. and pain med tramadol. Christmas was to much for me . I had 15 people over and I did to much. Now I am in a flare. fibro fog is very bad. I have not had a falr in a long time. I was thinking I was better. I am very upset about that. I should have known. It would be back. Thanks very much for reading this. Help. Dayo
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    bumping for answers
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    About all you can do for a flare when you overdo it, is extra rest, long hot showers, maybe Shirl's peroxide and epsom salts baths, alternate 600 mg of ibuprofen with your Tramadol, and pace what daily chores that you have to do.

    I think we all probably did too much during the Christmas holiday.

    Call your pharmacist and ask him if you can add ibuprofen with your Tramadol. Like maybe 2 hrs after your Tramadol, take the ibuprofen. Since the Tramadol is not a narcotic, it would probably be safe. I know I have been told that I could also add the ibuprofen to other meds like that for extra pain relief. But checking with a professional would be the safest thing to do before you did it.

    Hopefully, you have someone else that could help you with household chores while you recuperate. I certainly hope so.

    Hope you feel better soon,


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    in addition to adding ibuprofen (after asking pharmacist first) how many tramadol do you usually take? I was taking 2 every 4 hours until they switched me off to Lortab. Be sure you notify your doctor if you need to up your dose!! Here's hoping it's a short flare!!
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    Tramadol plus acetaminophen equals ultracet, so you can take them together.

    I have found that epsom salts baths PLUS hydrogen peroxide VERY relaxing. Hot baths don't always work for me, though.

    You know what I've tried this week? Some of that spray that temporarily relieves (numbs) pain. I've used it in addition to tramadol/acet. This one isn't a heat one, it is called Arctic something. The primary ingredient is menthol, and it does smell like it!

    I hope you find some relief and get out of your flare soon.