Any Benefits with aloe vera or noni juice ?

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    ANNXYZ New Member

    If you have found any significant benefits from noni juice or aloe vera juice , please share .

    It appears that aloe has been studied and has antiinflammatory properties .

    I can not find any real science on the noni juice , just lots of anecdotal info that is sales oriented and rather anonymous "testimonials " . Tansy has posted she thinks it helps with detox .

    Have any others here had specific benefits from either of these ? Thanks for sharing !
  2. gramaT

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    I don't know about the aloe vera, but when I get up the nerve to go off Oxycodone, I am going to get some Noni to help the process. It does make me feel better and when I tried it I only took it once or twice a day. I just cant afford to take everything that helps at once.

  3. foxglove9922

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    I'm not sure about the aloe vera but I know tansy takes noni with samento with good results. Another good thing, noni's relatively cheap.

    Are you currently on samento? considering ABX?

    I'm working on building up natto this week and will plunge into a modified Jadin (rotated ABX).

    My daughter (also CFS) is starting natto/bromelain and adds in samento tomorrow. Working up to 8 drops and then adding in noni.

    2 different plans, curious how we will wishes......foxglove

    ANNXYZ New Member

    I have been back on Abx again ( went off them last spring and relapsed) . I am on doxy 100 mg daily , and up to 8 drops of samento ( divided 2X daily).

    I am tolerating this pretty well , and will probably switch to a low dose of minocycline soon . Mino has greater penetration of tissue and the herx symtoms will definitely increase . I have a few decent days then a rough day or two . I am just thankful they are not all
    miserable. I know I have a long way to go , but the ABX
    did really help the last time I was on them - after about
    six months . The last time I was on ABX ( w/o samento)
    I started feeling better after six months on 50 mg doxy .

    I think your idea to rotate the ABX is a good one and I may try this a little later after I have reduced the bacterial load some .

    Have you tried the samento for yourself ? Has it helped ?
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    It's an invaluable digestive aid and soothes and heals inflammed membranes on contact. I get amazing results when the IBD really starts getting chronic, like lately, and food sensitivities start creeping back in from too many indulgences.

    It heals your insides as well as it heals your outsides. You know how quick it can soothe and heal sunburn, that's what it does for your poor old gut. I do about 2 week pulses or so, I use larger doses though. the Lilly of the Valley brand I buy, recommends a 2 ounce serving and I shoot for 3-4 times/day.

    I have no personal exp. w/ noni, just what I've heard on here and ran into while surfing. It is said to be a great adjunct to samento treatment, to boost it, but more importantly lessen the impact of the herx from samento.

  6. Shirl

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    Have been taking the Aleo for 3 years. Its all that Jeanne said! I put it in Black Cherry Juice, and any other juices I drink. I take about 4 teaspoons a day.

    Noni juice I took for a couple of years. I was having problems with swallowing and choking on food, any kind of food :) I would choke on my own spit it was so bad.

    The Noni did completely stop the choking, and it was a big help with the IBS as well. But I can't say that it helped the pain of FM. The brand of Noni I took was; '100% Pure Ploynesian Noni' put out by Only Natural.

    The other one was; '100% Pure Noni Juice' put out by Tree of Health, which was expensive as I had to order it from Australia. It was the best.

    There is a small booklet out on Noni that is very good, its;'Nature's Amazing Healer; Noni' by Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D. very informative, without an axe to grind!

    I take the 'Fruit of the Earth' Aloe, which is sold at Wal-Mart now. Its pretty cheap, but its pure. It comes from Irving, Texas.

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. GSparrow

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    I tried Noni Juice...didn't notice any real improvements with pain or fatigue...I did notice it promoted more regularity/affected my stomach and my bathroom kind of felt like the noni juice was cleaning me on kind of thing, cause I was going more often, felt it affected my body and that system, etc.....but pain and fatigue seemed unchanged...
  8. tansy

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    made by nutramedix. Took too much to start with so I can confirm it has a detoxing effect. My LLMD has found it can help his patients tolerate the die off from lyme protocols better. It has many qualities that I need and seems to continue helping so for the time being I will continue using it.

    The advantage of this extract is there’s no bitter taste.

    I would like to take aloe vera but I have problems with that just as I do with anything from the cactus family; but there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to show many are helped by it.

    Although it is hard with a fogged brain I find researching all my supps and herbs well can help me identify those most likely to help. Very often it’s the debates on whether something works that helps most, I get to read the claimed pros and cons which are often accompanied with lots of information that would otherwise take some time to find through an Internet search engine.

  9. itzmeannie

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    and the aloe vera juice has eliminated the constipation you can sometimes get.