Any body know a cure for younger kids without FMS?

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    I am working as a child provider. The kids right know think that they can getr away with mudder. One sitches on another and it escates up into a big fight. The father comes home to a major head-ake and I leave with a migran. I sence that the kids are picking up on the fact that I have been stressed because of my ex and dad in the Hospital. Is there any help?
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    You did not mention the age of these children? Does their Father disipline them?

    I had a child care center, also boarded children for ten years.

    If you don't show children that you are in control, then they will surely take over! That goes for any age.

    Keeping them busy is a big plus, but they must have the utmost respect for the provider, if you can't handle this, then I would suggest that you find another way to earn a living.

    Children are like pets, if they can get away with it, they will! They must understand your word is LAW, otherwise you can't handle them.

    I hope you figure out if you are capable of doing this job, as it is not easy.

    Being ill is a big drawback, but it can be done. Never let them know that they are stressing you, they will feed on that and you will lose total control.

    I may sound harsh, but this is a fact. I would up front tell parents that if I could not disipline their children, then I would not keep them. An undisiplined child is a danger to themselves as well as others.

    Hope this helps, and I am not trying to be harsh, but I am very honest where children are concerned. I was in this business for 10 years, and yes I had Fibro at the time too. I also raised my own three children .

    My oldest son wanted me to keep his daughter, but he did not want her disiplined, as he though me too 'mean', I refused to keep her. I would not have child, dog etc in my care that I could not control or disipline.

    He admits his mistake now, she is grown and is a very wishy washy person, spoiled rotten and thinks the world should do what she wants, no questions asked! My grandson is the opposite, I kept him till he was 5 years old. He still respects me to the max.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    1 3 yr old boy
    1 4 yr old girl

    and how can one after the ---------- there mother put them through?

    she would send the to the hosptail, or at least this is what I am getting told, covered in blood[This Message was Edited on 03/19/2003]