Any Brain Fog Stories?? We need to laugh..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanna4550, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. nanna4550

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    OK- yesterday afternoon I went to the fabric store because they are having a 50% off sale. I wanted this drapery fabric to make simple side drapes for my big window.
    Anyway, I grabbed my purse and was in the store before realizing I didn't have my wallet, so I called my hubby to see if it was in the house and I didn't leave it somewhere else (it was).
    Luckily I hadn't had the fabric cut yet. So, I took off for home and was about a mile down the road when I saw Taco Bell (I know it's horrible)and decided to go through the drivethrough to get something for dinner. I placed my order and drove up to the window to pay and realized again NO WALLET!!
    I just had to laugh.
    Tell me your funny stories, I'm sure you've got some good ones, too!
    LOL, Nanna
  2. sarahann61

    sarahann61 New Member


    That was a good one, and I am glad that you can laugh at your self.........

    I went to the grocery store, a few weeks ago.. I was going to buy some gro. but didn't want to buy anything old.

    I will reach in the back for things, because I know when they stock, they pull the oldest stuff forward......

    I knew the year had changed, I had been putting 06, on my checks. Don't know how my mind does it, but since I had already been using 06, thought it was last year. Everything in the store had 06, some had Jan. and Feb..... I was horrified, I thought everything was a year old.... I couldn't find anything, I could buy, that wasn't old....

    I started to tell the stock boy that everything in their store was old.. Took me several minutes to realize, it was just barely 2006, and nothing was outdated. I told my DH about it, and he told me, I should not tell anyone, not even him......... I took my self off, Ambein.

    I laughed a little at my self, didn't really cry, but it scared me, hope ,I am not losing my mind...........
  3. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Quickie story.........

    ordered at the mike in a drive thru..........drove up to first window and paid......and drove right by the next window and the peron holding my food......yet that did not even register.......

    Had to drive back and get the food. I just said Sorry, I had a lot on my mind today.......LOL

    OKAAAAAAY....truthful.....I have done this twice.......also once in a drive thru I ordered and added: "To Go".
  4. day2day

    day2day Member

    This car looked nothing like mine, but for some reason it didnt even register in my brain NOT MY CAR. I opened the door and thought wow this door seems so heavy, put my take out food on the floor.

    I looked out the window and saw 3 people glaring at me from the store front. I thought to my self " I wonder why they are staring at me"? It was then I realized much to my horror, I AM IN THE WRONG CAR!!! My car at the time was a small car, this car was a full size car.

    I got out of the car, almost forgot my take out, had to go back in get the food. I put my pride aside went in to apologize for the mistake and it turned out that one of the people who was glaring at me, I had worked with him 10 years earlier.

    Talk about a chance meeting, lol.

  5. kjfms

    kjfms Member DO (darling one) swears that I have blonde roots (my hair naturally dark brown)

    I have done several of these....we have ordered pizza, I have gone to pick it up...stopped for cigarettes and drove straight home with out the pizza...had to drive back and get it...LOL

    I put things on top of the jeep and drive off...I have done this with everything from drinks to my purse..(luckily I live in a small town and have had it returned.

    I have "forgotten" my purse in the buggy at the local Walmart not once but three times...each with a lot (to me anyway) money and thank the good lord for honest people...each time I have gotten it back with everything including my money in it...whew...LOL I do not take my purse into stores anymore.

    I went to the post office a few weeks ago opened the door to get into my jeep and couldn't figure out where my Tweety Bird floor mats were. Look up and ther stood my neighbor laughing his arse was his jeep...LOL

    This is a great thread, so glad we can all laugh at ourselves,

  6. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    For the lady who thought it was 2007, don't feel bad. A couple of years ago, for some reason in the middle of the year I couldn't remember what year it was. I had to keep looking at the calendar for several weeks. Once when we were at the bank, I had to ask my husband what the year was when signing a form. The bank employee must have thought I was nuts!

    After shopping one time, I couldn't find my car in the parking lot and began to panic. I figured it had been stolen and went into the store to report this. Fortunately, I realized I went out a different door before I had the store call the police.

    When my grandmother died, I got a concrete rabbit that I put in my front flower bed. I am sentimental about it and it is special to me. One day I looked out the livingroom window and again panicked. I told my husband it was missing and was upset that a neighbor would come over and take it. We used to have a neighbor girl hang around our yard and I figured she took it. Fortunately, I didn't accuse anyone. A couple of weeks later I found it in a cupboard in our garage. I had put it away for the winter and had no memory of doing this!


  7. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    The other day I was making dinner.It was a chicken dish.Instead of putting it in the oven I put it in the frig.Atleast it was safe from burning.LOL!
  8. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Went grocery shopping came home put everything away, needed to take a pill went to get my purse and couldn't find, I searched every where,looked in the carm called the grocery store to see if anyone turned in a purse and still nothing, so cancelled all credit cards and bank cards and so forth.
    a few hours later wanted to start supper for the kids went into the freezer to get something out and low and behold there was my purse!! Go figure.
  9. guardianangel54166

    guardianangel54166 New Member

    Actually I've had 2. The first time I loaded my groceries into the back seat but my key wouldn't work in the ignition. Oops, wrong car. The second time I load my groceries into the trunk and got into the passenger seat to wait for my husband to drive me home. He was at work. I sat for the longest time before I realized I had come alone.
  10. Kinsie

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    I think I already mentioned this one the other day, but I still feel funny about it!!

    I had a coupon to get a free chicken bisquit at Chick-fil-A. I ordered (at the speaker) the free bisquit and a cup of coffee. (I usually fix a cup of coffee at home, and take it to work with me everyday but that day I decided to buy one).When I got to the window, he said that will be $1.29, I paid,and the boy handed me my change, and the sack with the bisquit in it, and I just drove away without my coffee.

    Just as I was about a block away, I realized what I had done. Too embarrased to go back!


    I misread the expiration date on some bacon. I had bought two packages, and as you know, it's expensive. I wasn't about to let the store get by with selling me old bacon, so I took the 2 packages to work with me, put them in the refrigerator, then went to the store on my lunch hour. I told the manager that they had expired, blah blah blah, and I want my money back! The manager took one look, and immediately said "they haven't expired the date is......". Just the minute he said that the date it became as clear as a bell to me. I was soooo embarrassed because I shop in the same store all the time, and he sees me every week. Then, I had to drag the bacon back to work, put it in the refrigerator, then take it home afte work. I hate to admit, I had looked at the expiration date over and over before I decided to take the bacon back.

    I hate when I do those things.

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  11. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    ... you know you have plenty of stories and can't think of even ONE to share!!! :)

    Thanks for the laughs today, everyone. I'll try to remember a few of mine and post this afternoon.

    Foggy Kat
  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    with no garbage pick-up, so we took it to the dumpsters ourselves. Sometimes, we didn't want to put it in the car (too stinky) so we put it on top of the car. Of course, you know the rest, we would proceed to drive all over town with our garbage on top of the car, unless we were lucky and one would blow off! Pretty fancy, huh?
  13. Kaedysmommy

    Kaedysmommy New Member

    alaska I burst out laughing at that one! LOL I'm still laughing!!

    I have many but can't think of one right now...I will post when I remember!
  14. twerp

    twerp New Member

    I attracted the attention of my cubicle neighbors by laughing out loud at that one. Just picturing it in my mind's eye! Hilarious!

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  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...who is a real prudish woman had had her hair done late that evening for a special occasion the next day. Hairdresser told her to put a nylon scarf over it to keep it "set"overnight. She could not find a scarf, so she put a pair of nylon panties (red with black frills) on top of her head. Next morning she was dashing to take the kids to school(they walk) and people kept smiling at her, and trucks beeping and waving, all the way, and she even lingered at school to talk with a few people who all seemed keen to get away from her. When she got home, she looked in the mirror and you guessed it, panties were still on top of her head! This was years ago when she first got brain fog but I still crack up laughing.
    Love Anne

    These jokes have really taken my mind off feeling so ill today Thanks for them.
  16. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Yours had me chuckling...I can imagine her horror finding panties on her head...thanks for the laugh! Terri
  17. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Ok, I know I shouldn't eat chocolate, but a treat every now and then to keep me sane. I had a small box of Slowpokes (chocolates)leftover from Christmas in my closet. Went to get one - gone. I ask my kids (they're grown up, they wouldn't fib) did I give you those chocolates - no. It has been 3 days and I'm still looking for those damn things! I don't even want one anymore, just want to know what the heck I did with them.

    And, a few months ago, I started writing 1999 on a cheque!!!

    Lots more, but these are the ones that come to mind. Thanks for sharing, it's great to not be alone.

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  18. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    A week ago sunday my grandson was over (he's two) and he just loves to push all of the buttons on the remote for the TV, so I put it up out of the way somewhere... We're still looking for it (guess I should look in the freezer).

    Also, a friend I've had for 43 years e-mailed me last week and she signed her e-mail (Love, Sue S...) one of the prom queens from high school. So, I responded to her e-mail and I was trying to think of another one of the prom queens names, but darn it I couldn't think of a one.

    And, this last Christmas I was looking for my Santa Claus collection. I know it was packed up somewhere in a box, but I vaguely remember giving it away to someone. For the life of me I can't remember who I might have given it to.
    I can't find the box, so I hope they are enjoying it, whoever they are.

    I have just spent the last 1/2 hr. laughing, your stories are great! Thank you-
    Lol, Nanna
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to the library. Parked. Put the radio (detachable) into the trunk and took out the bag of books. Started walking. Went back to get libary card out of wallet which was in the trunk. But it was missing. Searched. Found the library card on the passenger seat. Started walking.

    Went back to the car to get the books out of the trunk. Started walking. Went back to the car to get my glasses.

    Sometimes I think I'm in a Three SToogies Movie and I'm all three of them.


  20. rljharris

    rljharris New Member

    A couple of years ago, I went to pick up my prescription; when the pharmacist ask me, my name? I answered, Regina Paxil. She looked weird, but proceeded to look for Ms. took me a couple of minutes of watching her, to yell, Regina H. We bothed laughed, a "sigh of relief," as of course she couldn't find, a prescription for a "Ms. Paxil"...I can look back on it with laughter now, but, boy, was I "embarrassed."