any computer experts out there?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by otis89, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. otis89

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    my desktop computer moniter says check pc and cable signal and ive tried averything to get it going, would there be something wrong through our local cable who we subsribe to or is the computer dead, i cant get anything to come up on the moniter, all that comes up is the error i stated, ive tried all weekend to call the cable company we get it through only to be put on hold the whole time and still cant get through, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    If your tv cable is working, there may not be anything wrong with the cable. Do you have a box that transmits the signal around your house? Sometimes I've had to detach the cable in back of that box and reattach it again. Then the signal is ok.

    The black box we have shows a bunch of symbols across the front that light up when it's on. I can usually tell by the symbols that cable is ok. That's when I know I need to unplug and plug it in again.
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    I don't go through cable but I had the same problem until I discovered that my cat had pulled my modem loose.

    Or maybe, since you're having more trouble than usual getting through to your cable company (it's never easy here), they do have a problem.

    And maybe you're all set this morning. :>)

  4. texangal81

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    If the monitor is giving you an error to check your PC and cable signal, then that has nothing to do with your cable company. That is referring to the cable the connects your monitor to the back of the computer. As KJM suggested, it might be loose. If tightening it doesn't work, I suggest buying a new cable. You can take the old one with you or go to Best Buy and ask for a cable for your monitor. You will have to know whether it is VGA or DVI. I actually would take the old one with you and that would be the easiest way to replace it.

    If checking/replacing the cable doesn't work, then you might have problems with your video card. That will require a technician to look at it.

    If the problem is that you cannot get onto the internet, then THAT would be a problem with your cable company.

    Let me know if any of this helps!

  5. otis89

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    for your suggestions, the reason why my computer didnt work was the battery inside the computer(the ones like you buy for your car remote to lock-unlock your car doors, little tiny round one-it was dead-all it needed was that-here i was, just about to splurge on another computer, and it ended up costing me 2.00 for little battery, so if this ever happens to any of you, open up your computer, and check your battery-that may just be the culprit!!..thanks again..otis89
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    What kind of battery is it? What is it for? A little thing like that doesn't control the entire computer, does it? My laptop battery cost something like $150 to replace! I think I want your computer!
  7. texangal81

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    Otis is referring to the tiny battery on the motherboard that most people aren't aware is there. It is used to power the CMOS chip:
    All computers that have an 80286 processor or later require a small battery on the system board that provides power to the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip, even while the computer is turned off. This chip contains information about the system configuration (e.g., hard disk type, floppy drive types, date and time, and the order in which the computer will look for bootable disks).

    When that battery starts to run out of power, unpleasant things will happen. You may notice that the PC keeps forgetting the date and time, resetting them to midnight on Jan. 1, 1990, perhaps. Or the PC will suddenly be unable to access certain peripherals. Or it may refuse to boot at all, displaying a "CMOS Checksum Error" or "System Configuration Lost" message instead.

    It is very easy to replace and many times even computer experts forget to consider that as a potential reason a computer starts acting flaky. They should last at least 3 years and some last a lot longer. However, if you starting seeing strange behavior on a computer that is less than 3 years old, you should still consider whether it could be due to a failing battery.

    I hope this explains it. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

  8. Juloo

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    Thanks so much for the info! I would have never thought that there was yet another battery on this thing. I have an older laptop than the one I am currently using, and I have it on my list of things-to-do to clean off and give to my son for word processing. I will definitely get out my manual and take a look, since I'd like it to actually work well for him, and it was doing some hiccups before I traded up.