Any dentists on board? Dental problem...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pam_d, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I' nearing 50, but still have my bottom wisdom teeth---apparently when I was growing up, I was missing a couple of adult teeth, so docs pulled the corresponding teeth so I'd be somewhat even & have room in my mouth for everything---my top wisdom teeth came out at 25, but my bottom ones still remain.

    ANYWAY, they are pretty far back in my mouth, needless to say, though straight, & stuff gets caught behind them; keeping them clean is a pain. I apparently got some food under the gumline back there that I couldn't floss or brush out, and it festered, causing a lot of pain. Usually I can get this stuff out eventually, and I'll be a little sore, but warm saltwater rinses help; by the next day or two, everything's OK. This time, each day got worse, and today I ended up at my dentist, who was able, with his sharper tools, to get out a wad of crud (sorry to be indelicate). He flushed it with an antiseptic rinse which nearly killed me, but I figured, now I'll feel better...BTW, all x-rays of my teeth looked fine.

    Several hours later (and my doc's office is closed) I'm even more miserable! It's like my whole gumline behind that back tooth & area where my tongue meets the cheek on that side are absolutely raw. Can't talk, eat, or even open my mouth very wide. My whole ear & head hurts on that side.

    Any suggestions? I'm already using warm saltwater every 2-3 hours, and Advil. Someone I work with suggested a product called Glyoxide, which I tried & it was so painful it nearly sent me through the roof! Should I have asked my dentist if an antibiotic was needed to help this thing heal? I thought about that later; he didn't mention an oral, or topical---if there is such a thing---antibiotic.

    I'm in agony! Since he got the "offending crud" out, is this likely to heal with patience?

    Thanks, dental experts out there!

    Painful Hugs,
  2. 69mach1

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    you must still floss and brush your teeth...i hahgly recc. the sonicare toothbrush if you do not have one already,,,

    you can always go get another xray to see if it is an abcesses tooth...i am not a dentist, registered dental assistant...
    you could put warm compress on the outside of your cheek..

    good luck
  3. deb06

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    I was a dental assistant for 17 yrs. It sounds to me like you may have pericornitis (SP?) Or an infection under the gum around that wisdom tooth. Very common situation in these cases. You need to be put on antibiotics like PENicillin if that is the case. Let me know. This can be very painful!!! Luv, Deb
  4. laura81655

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    My Dad was a dentist and I use to work for him off and on when I was young. I'm sure you will call first thing in the morning, but he doesn't have any way to reach him after hours?? We use to have patients rinse with half warm water and half hydrogen peroxide....not sure if this would burn also. So Sorry, hope you feel better soon!

  5. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...I'm up in the middle of the night here, this is sooo painful. I'm calling my dentist back first thing in the morning. Thanks for the info!


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