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    Hi- I had 22 teeth pulled 2 weeks ago at dentist of a national chain in PA. I was staying at my daughter house that week.

    I was told to keep my dentures in 23 hours a day. I was told they will feel bulky and they really did.

    I came back to my town and immediately checked in with the office in my town, they transferred my records and payments.

    My new dentist was astounded by what the dentist in PA did to me. My dentures are 2 sizes too big and the bottoms rubbed and made many sores.

    He wanted me to return to PA to have them fix the problem but that was impossible. He is going to make me new dentures but I have to go 3 weeks without wearing them so my gums will heal.

    He fixed my uppers so I can wear them for public outings but the bottoms are a no-no.

    I had to wear my uppers the last 5 days in a row during the day because I had to be out.

    Lat night after rinsing with salt water a peice of food must have been stuck in my upper back molar hole. Now I can feel the bone with my tongue. My upper molar on the other side is also not healing, the whole doesn't seem to be closing either.

    The bottoms are better but I have one large ulcer beside the center that I have been treating with peroxide because the sore was large and very red. Now the gum has shrunk and a peice of bone is exsposed.

    I also used the qtips and peroxide on the upper holes. Has this damaged the tissue causing it not to heal right?

    My new dentist also said my lower bones are not smooth, they have grooves and I may have to have more bone and excess gum tissue removed in oder to get my lower dentures to fit right.

    I am so worried that my bottoms may never be right and I have done damage to the upper molar holes and they won't close now.

    I am not due to go back to the dentist for another 2 weeks.

    Does anyone have any suggstions or is this just normal? Thank you for taking the time to read and reply-Thanks Carla
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    Carla, my husband is a dentist and I have been reading your dental story as it has been progressing. I will be glad to have him read it also and see if he has any ideas.

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    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I just hope I haven't caused more damage. Thanks again, Carla
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    I'll let Jana answer your initial question, since her Husband is a Dentist. I will tell you it takes my holes a long time to close up & 6 months after I had mine pulled I had slivers of bone sticking out that had shattered during pulling. I just pulled them out with tweezers. Use caution tho as some pieces should only be removed by a dentist.

    Did you have to pay for those dentures that were 2 sizes 2 big? If so I'd be throwing a major fit. I'd call & tell them due to health reasons you can not come back & want your money or part of it refunded! Tell them you'll gladly mail the dentures back to them. If you do mail them add & pay for deliver comfirmation or send by registured/singature required so they can't say they never got them.

    My dentist took impressions & sent them off to the lab. My initial or immediate dentures were perfect. Smooth a glass, fit like they should, etc. Due to major bone loss/shinkage I waited a full year to heal to have my first upper made, as well as a lower partial, so they'd be nice & snug.

    I was so excited when they called & told me they were in. As soon as they placed them in my mouth I knew somthing was wrong. They felt like sand paper! I told them, they checked them over told me to try them out for a few days. I called back the next day & said I can not wear these. I had my Huz look a them thru a magnifying glass & you could see the pourosity (pore holes) in them, especially the teeth. Long story short they had another set made for me. Mind you the same lab had done all of them, including my immediate denture. The 2nd set came back just as bad. They tried to tell me there wasn't anything wrong. I kept complaining & was almost in tears before they finally agreed to refund ALL my money, including what my insurance had paid. I took the money & went elseware & got a set made & they are perfect. No roughness at all. My point is you paid for something that is not right & you should be entitled to a refund.

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    What a mess! I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.

    I'm not a dentist or assistant but I believe that hydrogen pyroxide is good to clean a wound but after that it actually inhibits healing. Can your regular dentist not suggest or prescribe some treatment for you?

    Good Luck,
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    tke- the new dentist is going to take care of my new dentures for no charge. I bought the premium package and he understood my situation once I explained it to him.

    He seems to be a very caring Dr, he spent a alot of time with his fingers in my mouth,lol. And I saw a look of concern on his face over what he felt.

    The only charge I may incur is if they have to remove more bone and the excess gum tissue swelling doesn't go down.

    I'm sorry to hear you had so many problems too. I was very pleased with the quality of the dentures, the teeth looked so natural. They are just a little too big in the fit.

    Shar- thank you, I really don't want to have to go see him until my next 2 weeks is up. He is 30 miles away, I may be just be worried over nothing so I am willing to wait a little time and see what others have experinced before I see him.

    Thanks again-Carla

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    I am a former dental assistant. When the dentist that I worked for started taking impressions at least 2 months before you would have your teeth removed and the dentures seated.

    Get in to see your dentist asap NOW , this is an emergancy and can not wait. YOu sound like you may need to have some bone smoothed and the dentures replaced , He should take new impressions and you should wear the other pair when you go out.

    IF at all possiable I would go back to the dentist that started this whole process and have him fix it.

    But if you can't do it. Get in to your dentist now today as soon as possiable. IN the mean time rince with salt water and don't suck threw a straw of smoke as they can cause dry socket. But call your dentist and get in as this is not something that can wait. It is important to get in now and get this taken care of. CAll tomorrow. this needs to be taken care of NOW NOT IN two weeks.

    Sorry I could not be of more help.


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    I was a dental assistant for many years, and NEVER did the dentists put dentures in right after having their teeth extracted. Due to what you are experiencing, after having this done.

    Your mouth suffers 'trauma' when teeth are extracted. Your gums need to heal and let the swelling go away.

    The dentists I worked for hated these type of dental practices. They are in it for the money only.

    I hope you can find another dentist. Do use that salt water!

    Gentle Hugs,


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    I'm not in dentistry, but I read your post becaue I'm getting to the age where I probably will need dentures. Ive lost teeth to CFIDS.

    I have a suggesstion. Why not try rinsing with Aloe Vera juice? My friend did this, and it really helped her. Aloe Vera is a general (and gentle) healer. Maybe it will help.

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    I didnt talk to my husband aout this last night...I am writing a huge note now to remember tonight..Hope you are doing a bit better,

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    Rosmarie- thank you for your advice and concern. My gums did improve in the last day. I spent all day swishing salt water and the large ulcer is gone now. The gum is still red but better. There is really nothing else he can do right now, I just have to give them time to heal.

    If I get an infection or start having pain then I will call but for now I will bide my time.

    My new dentist saw them at their worst and that is why he is giving me at least 3 weeks to heal before making my new dentures, then in 6-12 months I will get my final pair.

    Kim- yes I was surpised that they make you wear your dentures immediately. They explained it like they are a bandaid on a cut. They did give me a great numbing cream that lasted all day and had my dentures fit to begin with I probably would not have had so many problems.

    Adi123- I didn't know they made a aloe vera juice to drink or rinse with. I thought is was just for skin uses. Thanks for the tip- Since it did improve in one day of keeping my dentures out, I will go day by day.

    Thanks everyone for your help-Carla
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    Jana that is fine, I know how it is. If I don't write it down it's gone.

    The swelling has gone down some. But I spent most this evening picking bone slivers out of my gums! Two were up inside my back molar that wasn't healing, now I know why.

    The other was in a front lower gum. At first I though it was attached to the bone and it moved.

    I know this is because the dentist that removed my teeth didn't take a really good look before she sewed me up and slapped the dentures in. She made a comment to the asst that I would need a liner for my bottoms, but I never got it.

    I went back 3 days later and they checked me and put soft liners in but they still didn't fit. But I was told to expect that at first. So I didn't say anything.

    Sorry to vent there, it has been a hard day today. Just having to look at myself with these bloody gums and I can't have my favorite comfort food of cookies is just enough to push me over the edge.

    I am ready to crawl in bed and think I will- thanks everyone for remembering me :) that does make me feel better-Carla
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    Just hang in there & keep telling yourself once it's all over it was well worth it :).

    I put up with 3 years of pain trying to hang onto my teeth. Lost them to thyroid disease/bone loss. After I had the surgery, dealt with some mouth sores, etc I suddenly realized I was pain free :).

    Sounds like you had some shattered bone. I had a few too, plus had to have 2 teeth/roots dug out & had stitches on both sides, all under my denture. Just pick the bone slivers out with the tweezers & rinse with salt water. Keep any food rinsed out as well to prevent getting stuck & causing an infection. I just used warm water after a meal.

    Soon you'll be eating those yummy foods you desire. If you still have some pain once you get your new dentures start out with soft foods for a day or so, then medium & finally move up to hard. That'll give your mouth time to adjust & you'll have less pain while learning to wear/eat with the new denture.

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    I hope you find my husband's answer helpful..Can you tell, he used to a be a teacher?? LOL Here it is:

    "50+ years ago patients had all their remaining teeth removed, than sent home for 6 months to allow the alveolar bone to heal and remottle to a smooth surface before dentures were started.

    A modification of that approach was to remove all remaining posterior teeth, and save the upper 6 front teeth and lower 6 front teeth. The alveolar ridge at the back of the jaws was allowed to heal for 6 – 8+ weeks before immediate denture impressions were started. This gave the size, shape, and position of the original front teeth as a guide to fabricate the dentures. Then the remaining teeth were removed, and the dentures were seated on a healed posterior alveolar ridge of bone. This allowed the back area of bone to be free of pain for heavy chewing utilizing the back teeth while the front bone healed.

    When many front and back teeth are removed at one time there is a challenge for comfort and healing. Tissue conditioners can be utilized to cushion the acrylic denture’s contact with the healing wound. The conditioner has an obtundant effect on the wound, and helps keep the dentures bite in alignment. When the wound is surgically cleaned of diseased and sharp bone spicules healing is enhanced.

    Warm salt water rinse is the best cleaning solution for the mouth. Hydrogen peroxide should not be used in an open wound area. It dissolves the healing clot. The saliva of a healthy person has the necessary antibodies to keep the wound clean. Have the dentist evaluate healing and necessity for antibiotics when in doubt. The body will shed the diseased and unattached bone spicules. The body can’t protect and rebuild the wound with the use of tobacco and alcohol. If necessary, use the patch ahead of and after surgery.

    After the removal of even one tooth the healing site will be a food trap area for up to a month. Food debris and bacteria will lodge in that site – rinse it with warm salt water often. If it is a substantial trap area the dental office can show you how to use a rinsing syringe to keep it free of stagnant food debris.

    Bone spicules that work their way to the surface can be teased out with a dry q-tip. Snag the spicule with the cotton and test its adherence. Don’t force its removal if its uncomfortable to tug against."

    He thinks it will pretty much be alright...IF you can pinch your nose, put air pressure against it from inside, and there are no bubbles, everything is ok.

    You do need the 30 days to heal.
    Hope this helps..looks like you are on the right track.


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    Thank you for having your husband read and reply.

    The one thing different about me (well more than one,lol) is my saliva glands do not work properly. I had chemo ten years ago for rectal cancer and have had a dry mouth since.

    I always used sugar free gum, I'm not a big water drinker but have been trying to improve that. I have been using sugar free hard candy in the place of gum.

    My uppers look better but I still have yellow areas in the pockets and have been flushing with a dropper. I haved used the peroxide but will stop and maybe call them and ask for another round of anitbiotics. My auto immune system is shot, the Drs words not mine.

    The office is a 60 mile round trip and I have to be there at 7 am to be looked at. No appt needed just show up at 7 and wait. Sad isn't it? But I am now in a CF flare because of the last month. I did well to get out of bed at 11 today.

    Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.-Carla
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    When I read your bio to my husband and told him about the cancer...he wondered if your treatments had left you with that exact problem!

    You sure have been through the mill. I guess he wouldn't recommend having that many teeth out at a time, but you did..and I am sure it will turn out with you chewing and looking fine with time!

    Keep us posted,

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    pain and problem with your mouth. I hope you get to feeling better and the dentist is swift in fixing you up the right away. I hope your flair goes away soon. I will pray for you my friend.

    Keep the faith,
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    Loved the "lost Osmond" comment!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
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    4everkid, thanks for sharing your husbands story. My new dentist said my teeth were made for someone else's mouth.

    I feel he will take care of me. I just wish I didn't have to go so long looking like Granny from the Beverly Hillbilles,lol Yes, I am trying to keep my sense of humor.

    I had the Osmond look too, didn't think about that until you said it.

    I did call the dentist and asked for more abx because my ulcers are not healing. I can see waiting another 4-6 weeks for me to heal enough to have new molds made. I am waiting for them to call me back.

    I told them there was no way I could come in right now.

    Jana- sounds like you got a keeper for a hubby. Thanks again-Carla