Any Diet Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RoseSky, Aug 9, 2003.

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    I have been trying to makee some changes to my diet based on some suggestions I got here and some other reading I have done. I know some of the big, bad things to avoid are white sugar, white flour (what about wheat flour?), yeast, caffiene, and processed foods. Is there anything else I should try to stay away from? I also got a vitammin A&D combo, a cranberry fruit supplement (trying desparately to get rid of the urge to ruun to the bathroom every 15 min.), and an "energy support" supplement that has B-12, eleuthero and Korean ginseng. Any other suggestions? I have tried B-12 injections in the past and I had really bad reaction.

    Thanks in advance for the help,
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    Hello! I use my diet to control most of my symptoms, as pain killers make me sick. Like you, i stay away from sugar, flour, caffeine. I also definitely stay away from any hydrogenated fats, ie butter, margarine, hydrogenated oils, and anything made with them (fried food, cookies, potato chips). I feel much worse after eating stuff like this. I also try to include lots and lots of raw food in my diet (fruits, veggies, raw nuts). That helps. I do use a lot of supplements. I use something called Malic Relief, which is a mix of malic acid and magnesium, which helps for muscle pain. I also take glutamine and methionine (amino acids) for energy. And just a word of advise about the ginseng: taken over a long period of time (a few months) it can cause anxiety. I had to stop taking it for that reason. So just be careful about that. Good luck!! :)
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    Someone mentioned not eating butter. Betterfat is OK as are most fats found in nature from dairy, eggs, and meat.

    Splenda is made with chlorine and may not be the best thing on the market. You can read more on the web about it. SomerSweet made by Suzanne Somers is another alternative. You can also read about it online. Some do not believe it has been in trials long enough for approval by the FDA, but all the test animals have been followed up and none have had any problems. Stevia is probably the only really safe alternative and it is an antioxidant. Probelm is that it doesn't taste as good as sugar and does have an aftertaste. I use the SomerSweet as I believe it is the safest next to Stevia. Somers has many dessert recipes which use SomerSweet and you can bake with it just like sugar.

    Bread and pasta should really be used sparingly, even when made with whole wheat flour. A lot of low-carb breads and pastas are made with soy flour and Marilyn has informed us that soy can cause problems with the thyroid.

    The best thing to do is eat protein, dairy (if you can tolerate it), eggs, lots of veggies, and low-glycemic fruits. Drink lots of water and use unrefined sea salt.

    Many here have greatly reduced their pain just from dietary changes. Others of us have lost weight, improved our lipids including cholesterol, and had our blood pressure drop back to normal range.

    Love, Mikie
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    someone posted that not enough magnesium can cause frequent urination. Was it Klutzo??? Anyway, she's posted lots of good info on magnesium and you could do a message search for it (the messages I'm thinking of have magnesium in the title).

    The first year I was sick you coulda set your watch to me, I had to pee every 15 minutes. Then it seemed to magically go away, thankfully! Now I still have to go somewhat often, but apparently that's always been true and at least it's not every 15 dang minutes!

    What type of reaction did you have to the b-12 injections? When I tried the "standard" kind, my chest got tight so my doc had me use a different formulation. No reaction, but no apparent help, either. Maybe you need a different formulation or maybe the dose was too high.
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    I agree. Best diet for us is usually high protein, low carb, and medium fat. We need fats to make neurotransmitters, and most of us are depleted. Just make sure it's not trans-fats.
    My hair analysis showed I have way too much calcium in relation to magnesium, and speculated that I should be peeing all the time, as that much calcium would cause the bladder to contract a lot more than usual. Since that is very true for me, I lowered my calcium supplement from 1,260 mgs. daily to 400mgs. The only reason I am taking even 400 mgs. is because calcium citrate controls my GERD completely, and without it, the refulx would come back. Interestingly, my magnesium level was not too was just that my calcium was too high in relation to it.