Any doctor recommendations for Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, MI?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paintinglady, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. paintinglady

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    Hi everyone, I've got a bit of a problem. I have had two visits with an older rheumatologist and I don't think I like him much. Does anyone have a good one in Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, MI? I need a doctor who I can talk to about symptoms with out being cut of with the first one. This guy never even lets me tell him about them all. I'm not a whiner by any means, but I think he should know all symptoms so he can offer the best options of treatment.
    I sure hope someone is in my area.
  2. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Have you tried the doctor referral at this site. I know they have a few in Grand Rapids.
  3. scrapkat

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    sorry tohear of your experience with the bad dr - I'm guessing its the same one I went to in Kalamzoo! He was terrible!! and come to find out really doesn't believe in FM! My rheumy is in Battle Creek but I only see him once a year - and right now I can't even remember his name (I've been sleeping). I generally see my pain specialist dr in Holland and he's wonderful and very supportive. His name is Sean Growney and he also has an office in Grand Rapids I believe. You haev to be referred by your regular dr to him but I've been soooo happy with him. I hope you are able to find someone.


    BTW I'm in South Haven
  4. 69mach1

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    you go to cornflake city, battle creek mi...that is where i was born and at went to college there...

    and i know your beaches grand haven is my favorite....

    i wish i could help you carol...i have a sister there right now in battle creek and she has been trying to find a good doctor...

    well sorry i can not help as of yet...

  5. paintinglady

    paintinglady New Member

    Hi sfraizer: thank you for telling me about the doctor search. Unfortunately, there are on the other side of Michigan. Maybe I should try Northwestern Indiana.

    Scrapcat: I was so surprised to read that you are from South Haven. So am I! Was your Kalamazoo dr. Taborn?
    This is all new to me and I hate wasting time trying to find a good doctor and one that will accept my insurance but sounds like thats what most of us have to do.
  6. EllenComstock

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    I finally found a great doctor in Ann Arbor, but I am sure that is too much of a drive for you.

  7. unbalanced

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    Dear Paintinglady, I live in GR & I have had the worst luck with docs!! None seem to want to aknowledge how much pain I'm in. BUT, I was told by a few diffirent friends that Dr. Gerald Lee is a great doc. Last night a friend of mine called totally upset & in so much pain he can't stand it, he is unable to get a diagnosis for his pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. I told him it sounds like FM/CFS. I gave him Dr. Lees' info & he was going to call today to set an appt. I asked him to give me a call tonight & let me know how it went & if what I was told was accurate, right now I'm seeing a doc in the same office, when I called to set an appt. I messed up & made it with the wrong Doc!! Fibro Fog!!!! They were able to get me in the same day too!! I told the nurse what issues I have & how much pain I am in daily, I was sitting in an exam room 2 hours later!! I will let you know what my friend says about Dr. Lee & how his appt went. Check the posts after 11:30pm if you are up late, if not check in the morning. Here's all the info if you're interested: Dr. Gerald R. Lee Alpine Internal Medicine & Pediatics 2332 Alpine NW Grand Rapids,MI. 49544 PHONE# (616)391-6236, FAX# (616)365-7200. This office is in the same building as Spectrum Health Urgent Care Ctr. The urgent care is on the south side of the building, Dr. Lee is on the north side of the building, right next door to Admiral gas station. I hope this helps & let me know if you go, & if he is an open minded doc! I think the doc I am seeing there is'nt very knowledgable about FM. His name is Robert K. Jarve, the other doc in that office, Michael J. Bultje I know nothing about. Good Luck! And Take Care!! JoLinda-(unbalanced)
  8. paintinglady

    paintinglady New Member

    Hi JoLinda. Thank you for your Grand Rapids Information. I will check into them. Looking forward to hearing about your friends appt. with this doctor.
  9. trucking

    trucking New Member

    Sorry you are having so many problems.

    I have a wonderfull rheumatologist in Kalamazoo.

    His name is Timothy Swartz. There are about two other ones

    in his office. He is very compassionate and caring.

    Lots of hugs and God bless.

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  10. paintinglady

    paintinglady New Member

    Thank you Lois. He was just recommended to me last night in a conversation at a resturant. I will definately give him a call. Hope he is taking new patients.
  11. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    Nancez has posted here in the past re. a dr Den Boer in Grand Rapids.

    She speaks very highly of him & his treatments for FM & CFS
  12. unbalanced

    unbalanced New Member

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Haven't been feeling well. My freind say's Dr. Lee isn't taking any new patients. I'm sorry I wasn't more help!! I'm also looking, so if you hear of a doc please let me know!! The one I'm seeing that I told you about wouldn't even see me when I called 2 days ago. I really hope you find a good Dr. JoLinda
  13. Jean Markale

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    Sorry for the necromancy, but this is important.
    I just tried for two months to get in to see Dr. Swartz. After weeks of phone calls, his office sent a letter to my primary care physician to the effect that they are no longer seeing patients with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or fibro.
    That's the WHOLE OFFICE, not just Dr. Swartz, so anyone in the Kalamazoo area looking for a doc, avoid the doctors of Rheumatology PC on South 11th Street office altogether. Unfortunately, that's a lot of them.
    Anyone with new recommendations for a Kalamazoo area rheumatologist who specializes in CFS? I've got coverage through the VA, but permission is limited specifically to civilian rheumatologists at this point.
  14. Jean Markale

    Jean Markale Member

    Anyone with a newer Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids area rheumatologist recommendation?
  15. BubbaMagrew

    BubbaMagrew Member

    I am in the same boat. I live in Paw Paw, My absolutely wonderful rheumatologist in South Haven had to retire due to health reasons, and I cannot find another doc anywhere in the area who treats fibro. I had a referral from my retiring rheumy to a rheumy in Holland, but when I called their office, they are no longer taking any patients who do not live in Holland. Is this because so much of treating fibro is guesswork (dependent upon the individual with the condition), and the new restrictions on opiod pain medications? What about us folks who don't take them and don't want them? What are we supposed to do?