Any Doctors In Northern, Central California Coast Who Will Treat

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    Anybody know of any doctors in the Northern and Central California Coast area that will treat and at least acknowledge this disease?

    My two doctors just won't even talk about it and say, "Ill see you in two months."

    It seems my condition is getting worse! And I need a doctor who will not act as if I am exaggerating my symptoms.

    I have the exact same symptoms as so many of you are posting here. Mine started 6 months ago after taking a powerful antibiotic called Levaquin.

    Within 1 day of taking this antibiotic my body exploded in such horrific and unprecedented symptoms like you all have here. I went by ambulance that first day back to the ER that originally gave me this Levaquin for a flu and bronchitis a day earlier. ( I passed out 10 to 15 minutes after taking this but the ER doc said it was a "vagal" response ) and they continued to give me this Levaquin and had me take it for another 6 days. I went back to that ER 2 or 3 times during this first week of taking Levaquin not knowing what was making me feel like I was dying.

    And each time they would ask if I was taking anything and and I would clearly tell them yes, only one medicine, this Levaquin.
    For some incredible reason they never once told me in 6 or 7 ER visits to stop taking this medicine and I sure as heck didn't know enough to even consider this a cause as I was given this medicine by them and without warning brochures.

    Well, since this time I have had pain in my limbs, legs, feet, arms, shoulders, hands, a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder , and even heels and foot bottoms, and other weird places. I am so weak I can't work. Lost my job.

    The pain last night was so bad all I could do was moan and toss and turn ALL NIGHT. My gastro intestinal tract is shot and always in pain and nauseated and I have gas every 15 minutes.

    For the first time in my life I am on anti-depressants.
    Doctors have given up on me here saying all the tests come back negative. I don't know what is causing this 24 hour pain and night time worse as well as insomnia...but it is almost impossible for others like my wife and kids to comprehend what I am going through. They just can't accept something this debilitating and that can't be diagnosed or treated so it will just go away. This is truly...TRULY...a nightmare. Gd help us all.
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    the San Francisco Preventive Medical Group can do a bunch of tests that regular MDs don't do. They can pinpoint specific problems and prescribe supplements and dietary approaches.

    SFPMG phone is 415-566-1000.

    hope you find help. doctors who dismiss you and your problems are not good to see ever. good luck, sascha
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    My 16 year old daughter has CFS, and we found a great doctor in Los Altos (near Palo Alto/Mountain View). His name is Dr. Graeme Shaw, he's an M.D. but takes a holistic approach and uses lots of nutritional and herbal supplements. Phone number is 650.964.6700. He's with a group called Advanced Integrative Medicine. He treats a lot of things, not just CFS, call and ask them to send you a brochure, or talk to someone in the office. They are SOOOOO nice, and I'm sure they can help you.
    The neurosurgeon and the endocrinologist my daughter saw both indicated that we shouldn't be going to Dr. Shaw, but we're
    getting results from Dr. Shaw, NOT from the other doctors!
    Unfortunately, not everything is covered by insurance. (Makes
    me want to call the insurance company and ask them why they cover the fees of doctors who DON'T get results!)
    Hope this helps!

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    Here's a couple of website you may wish to visit for


    Hope they can be of service!
  5. Wasabi

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    I recommend Dr. Michael Powell in Sacramento, CA. He's a wonderful, compassionate doctor with a great treatment program.

    Dr. Powell is a FM/CFS specialist who keeps up with the latest research. His treatment focuses on resolving underlying causes, and many of his patients are able to return to a normal life after about a year of intense treatment. When I started seeing him, I was at about 40-50% function. After a year, I'm at about 75% and am continuing to make progress.

    Several of us here are seeing Dr. Powell and are doing much better. I don't know about the others, but actually, I haven't been visiting this board as much, because I'm doing a lot better and have been so busy with life.

    Here's his web site with info on his treatment program:

    Also, you can look back in my posts to read more about the treatment.

    I went to 13 doctors before I finally found Dr. Powell, and I feel so fortunate to have found him. Best wishes to you!
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    There are three (at least) of us who have been on this board who see Dr. Michael Powell in Sacramento. His office is called the Fibromyalgia Treatment & Learning Center. He treats FM, Chronic Fatigue & MS patients for underlying chronic bacterial infections (primarily Chlamydia Pneumoniae), yeast & hormonal inbalances. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Rheumatology & is a D.O. Dr.Powell is continually doing research & refining his treatment protocol.

    His Physician's Assistant, Michael, is OUTSTANDING. The office staff is exceptional. I feel I am on the road to healing...after enduring this debilitating/ disabling Fibro for 13+ years!

    He has a website: His phone # is 916-922-8400. I highly recommend him.

    P.S. Hi Wasabi! How funny! We were posting about Dr.Powell at the same time!
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